Tall Trees


Hiking Path in Forest

Our Donations & Sponsors

Year of 2021: Launch Year of The Eco News, we donated a percentage every month to a reforestation project! Each newspaper and subscription increases our ability to help many countries rebuild habitats and amazing forests for wildlife. 
Help plant trees around the world, during 2021 we experienced another hug increase of forest fires and donated back to those who were suffering. 

January – 40 Trees to Kenya

February – 40 Trees to Chimpanzee and 12 to Iceland

March – 40 Trees to Australia and 12 to New Zealand

April – 52 Trees to Vietnam

May – 64 Trees to Tanzania

June – 100 Trees to Uganda

July – 100 Trees to Spain

August – 50 Trees to Spain

September – 50 Trees to British Columbia

October – 50 Trees to Biodiversity