12 Easy and Sustainable Plastic-Free Swaps for Festival Season

Written by Lauren Holloway - https://www.laurenholloway.uk/blogs/news/12-easy-and-sustainable-plastic-free-swaps-for-festival-season

I am off to a festival next week, this is a must share for your Festival Season eco recommendations!

It’s festival season and blimey, have we all been desperate for some music and dancing in the sun again after the last few years! But festivals can also produce a huge amount of waste, with thousands of tons of single-use plastics being dumped into landfill once the partying stops and everyone goes home to recover.

However, there are plenty of easy and inexpensive ways to reduce your environmental impact and ditch the single-use plastics forever (plus make you feel exceptionally virtuous!).

So for Plastic-Free July I’ve put together 12 simple plastic-free sustainable swaps for a guilt-free festival this year.