2021 Top Eco Friendly Christmas Trends Revealed!

  1. Interest in plantable Christmas cards is up by 133%, followed by reusable Christmas crackers (+127%) and plant-based glitter (+100%)

  2. Reusing items is at the top of the sustainable agenda, with reusable advent calendars also up by 89% and reusable wrapping paper up by 24%

  3. Plant-based Christmas trends are on the rise, searches for vegan Christmas recipes are up by 89%

With the festive season fast approaching, it’s time to start planning how you’ll be celebrating this year. For many sustainability is at the forefront of people’s minds, so to highlight the most popular eco Christmas options Superdry has analysed Google search data to identify the biggest sustainable Christmas trends of the year.

The festive period is responsible for a huge increase in carbon emissions and waste, but by making small eco-friendly swaps to some of our longstanding Christmas traditions, we can minimise the impact that it has on the environment.

The search interest surrounding eco-friendly Christmases has increased year on year, and in 2021 its plantable Christmas cards that have risen the most. Searches are up by 133% compared to 2020, with consumers looking for sustainable ways to send festive wishes to their loved ones.

Eco-savvy shoppers are also looking for ways to re-use their traditional Christmas items rather than relying on recycling; with searches for reusable Christmas crackers up by 127%, reusable advent calendars up by 89% and reusable wrapping paper up by 24%. Vegan options are also on the menu for Christmas 2021, with searches for vegan Christmas recipes up by 83%.

Two of the top trends are around one of the focal points of Christmas, the tree. Interest in second hand Christmas trees is up 40% and Christmas tree rental has seen a spike in searches by 22%.

2021’s Top 10 Eco-Friendly Festive Trends

TrendSearch Volume Increase (2021 vs. 2020)Plantable Christmas cards+133%Reusable Christmas crackers+127%Plant based glitter+100%Reusable advent calendar+89%Vegan Christmas recipes+83%Organic turkey+50%Second hand Christmas tree+40%Reusable wrapping paper+24%Sustainable gifts+23%Christmas tree rental+22%

Plantable Christmas cards While Christmas cards can’t easily be re-used, and much like lots of other things at Christmas generally get thrown away after December, there is a more sustainable option for those who still wish to send them. Plantable Christmas cards are usually made from recycled paper, with grass and wildflower seeds embedded into them so that the recipient can plant the card afterwards and watch it grow.

Reusable Christmas crackers All it takes to convert your standard Christmas cracker to a more eco-friendly option is a reusable cracker shell that you can fill with your own gifts. You can purchase both the outside of the cracker and a set of new “snaps” which you can feed into the cracker each year along with your own gifts, so the whole family can still enjoy the tradition. Less wastage of both the materials and of the small plastic gifts that are usually inside.

2ADJW81 Close Up Of Woman Making Homemade Eco Friendly Christmas Cracker From Sustainable Materials

Plant-based glitter Glitter is usually made of microplastics, which leach into our environment and cause harm. Plant-based glitters however are made of compostable, plant-derived materials. They break down safely when they meet soil or the ocean, rather than leaving their mark for long after they’ve been used like regular glitter products do.

Reusable advent calendar Reusable advent calendars are a brilliant, sustainable option for families that still want to enjoy the countdown to Christmas Day. Whether yours has gaps to fill with your own gifts, sweets or chocolates each year or contains ornaments to hang each day – this option is filled with far less wastage than the average calendar that uses both paper and plastic.

Vegan Christmas recipes Not only does swapping out your turkey help reduce the energy costs involved in cooking the meal, but replacing some of your meat-based Christmas dinner options to a plant-based alternative can be significantly better for the environment, decreasing the harmful effects of animal agriculture on our planet.

Organic turkey If swapping out the traditional turkey just isn’t on the cards this year, buying organic and local can still have significantly positive effects on your overall carbon footprint. Research has shown buying local and organic does slash emissions but additionally you’ll also be supporting more sustainable food options from your local farmers.

Second hand Christmas tree It can take up to, and sometimes more than, 10 years of usage for the carbon footprint of an artificial tree to balance out that of its natural counterpart. By buying a second-hand artificial Christmas tree you can extend its lifespan, and help ensure that your decorating is as eco-friendly as you can make it.

Reusable wrapping paper Taking it one step further and using reusable wrapping paper instead of recyclable is one of the most eco-friendly options for packaging up your gifts. Recycling relies on the paper ending up in the right place (it often ends up in landfill instead) and the recycling process can also use up lots of energy and water. Reusable options come in a variety of fabrics and textures, with some even looking just like regular wrapping paper.

2CF97K8 Stylish christmas gifts wrapped in linen fabric with green branch and reusable shopping bag with green spruce on rustic wooden background. Zero waste

Sustainable gifts Instead of giving a gift which will end up in the bin, or at the back of a cupboard for the next few years, people are giving more thought to the gifts they give their loved ones. There’s lots of options out there for eco-friendly stocking fillers, which cause less harm to the environment in the long run and provide your friends and family with presents they’ll be sure to use.

Christmas tree rental Artificial trees need a lifespan of around 10 years to balance out their carbon footprint in comparison to real Christmas trees. However, the carbon footprint of real trees increases rapidly too when they end up in landfill. Christmas tree rentals have become one of the newer, more sustainable ways to decorate your house during the festive period. All you need to do is arrange to have your tree collected/drop it off after Christmas and it’ll be replanted, ready to be used again the following year.

2BBPHFA Woman Buying Christmas Tree

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