Adopted hens at heart of food sustainability project!

A flock of ex-commercial chickens that had been destined for slaughter are now at the heart of a community food sustainability project.

The flock of 14 hens have been adopted from the British Hen Welfare Trust and now live at Roehampton Students’ Union’s ‘Growhampton’ project based at Roehampton University.

Now they are looked after by staff and volunteers as part of a project that aims to encourage everyone to think about sustainability issues.

Hillary Nevyjel, Chicken Care and Biodiversity Assistant, said, “We’ve rehomed hens three times since 2017 and they’re very friendly, much more so than when we first opened and had purebreeds.

“We have benches by the coop and when you sit with the chickens, they really cheer you up. You can just forget about everything and we get a lot of feedback that they’ve helped students cope with things.