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Earth Day is an annual event on April 22 every year, to demonstrate support for environmental protection. We need to realise that Earth Day, should be everyday though.

What can you begin this Earth day to help protect our planet?

Bike more, drive less:

We all commit to driving to work, but some of us work with in biking or walking distance. Cut your carbon emissions and use different means of transport for everyday commuting. Many businesses now are supporting the bike to work schemes.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle:

The 3 Simple R's that should always be repeating in your head day to day. An easy way to cut down your waste from landfill, think before your throw.

Choose Sustainable Seafood:

Seafood has a big impact on our environment, fish farms are run badly throughout our oceans and we should be cautious with the fish we buy and eat. Have you watch Seaspiracy?

Plant a Tree!

Last year, we planted 600 trees back to our planet, just by the support of you! Why not show your own support and plant trees worldwide? Here are a few places and ideas for you to plant trees. - Plant Trees around the world. - Plants Trees as you walk each day. - Photo Credit.


The Eco News is always educating its followers, always sharing and updating customers on the importance or learning, from kids to adults by publishing both styles of newspapers.


A great way to show your support, The Eco News has joined its local Tree Warden Group to help plant trees around Suffolk and Essex. See what local groups your Councils are opening to show their support to the environment and planet.

Save our Water:

So many simple ways you can reduce your water usage, turn your tap off when brushing your teeth!

We look forward to seeing your ideas this Earth Day!

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