Eco-Friendly Build Your Own Toys – Minimum Plastic and Maximum Fun!

2022: Build Your Own’s range of eco-friendly toys are perfect for parents and kids who love a fun project they can work on together. Each Build Your Own kit comes with everything you need inside the box and is made from sustainable cardboard and minimal plastics. Choose between the Paper Plane Launcher, Microscope or Telescope and discover more about the world around you.

Challenge yourself to send your planes flying up to 10m with the Paper Plane Launcher or explore the natural world and starry night skies with the fabulous Telescope. Whatever you choose, Build Your Own has the ideal gift for you to enjoy hours of fun.

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Build Your Own Paper Plane Launcher – RRP £16.99 – A perfect eco-friendly product that will inspire active and competitive kids to send their planes flying further than anyone else in the family. Building and constructing the launcher and planes before the battle begins is all part of the adventure! The 47-piece kit contains everything you need to slot together and build this impressive Paper Plane Launcher. Simply press out the parts of heavy-duty cardboard, follow the instructions to attach the elastic bands for the twin propulsion system, and you are ready to go!

Kids will love the challenge of trying to land their planes on the 4 different scoring targets, each one makes game play more sophisticated. Using the Build Your Own Paper Plane Launcher, the planes can reach up to an incredible 10 metres! Once they’ve tested the basics, it’s possible to push the boundaries; experimenting with wing adjustments or combining the integrated power scale and the plane’s flight dynamics to produce a different flight path outcome. Kids can take playtime to a new level creating straight or looped flight paths, testing accuracy skills using the scoring targets, and designing their own obstacle courses – the possibilities for fun are endless!

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Build Your Own Telescope – RRP £19.99 – Kids will love exploring the fantastic world around us day and night with the Build Your Own Telescope. Made from sustainable cardboard with minimal plastics, this fully functioning telescope includes a focus tube which extends up to 72cm. For impressive results, the telescope comes with a specialist glass optic lens which provides 16 x magnification so kids can enjoy incredible sights in detail.

With 29 press-out parts, the telescope can be easily constructed with kids using slot-together techniques to create a fun, tactile and robust toy – there’s no glue, no mess, no fuss. It’s a fun way to spend time together, getting outside during the day to explore garden wildlife and develop their interest in nature, birds and plants. Once darkness falls, the fantastic extending focus lens and 16x magnification will enable kids to explore the craters on the moon. Discovering the magical constellations is a fabulous way to expand the world around you and share a passion for science, astronomy and the world.

Build Your Own Microscope – RRP £16.99

Build Your Own’s new, eco-friendly cardboard Microscope kit is perfect for kids who love to get outside and explore nature. This fully functioning microscope is easy to assemble using slot together techniques – there’s no glue, no mess, no fuss.

Everything you need is provided in the kit – simply follow the instructions: press out the pre-cut parts, add the lenses and mirror to create an impressive, portable microscope. Awesome for examining garden mini-beasts, leaves, feathers and more – you’ll be amazed at what you can see with the 30x magnification.

The Build Your Own Microscope encourages kids to immerse themselves in the fun world of science and exploration. Popular with parents too, this innovative, STEM-inspired kit reduces screen time, and brings families together to create rich memories.

Using the focusing dials, kids can adjust the zoom to reduce or increase the detail of specimens they are examining. And the light source on a smart phone can be used to light up your object through the built-in periscope. There’s also is a choice of three trays for you to use to hold different types of specimens on the microscope table. Kids can remove the microscope lens tubes and place them in the handheld adaptor while they go on location to examine exciting specimens and objects.

This eco-friendly Microscope is made using sustainable cardboards and minimal plastics. Build Your Own’s company ethos is ‘Less plastic, paper fantastic!’. They’re incredibly passionate about being environmentally responsible in all that they do and respecting our planet.

What’s inside the box?

  1. 5 x press-out sheets (54-piece kit)

  2. 1 x mylar mirror

  3. 2 x acrylic lenses

  4. 3 x trays

  5. Instruction sheet and how to use guide

  6. Detailed video instructions available online at

The Build Your Own Paper Plane Launcher, Build Your Own Microscope and Build Your Own Telescope are suitable for ages 8 to 100!

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