London, Wednesday 20th April 2022: Ahead of World Earth Day (April 22nd), Chef and food poverty activist, Jack Monroe, has teamed up with Twitter to launch a no-waste cookbook - a digital recipe book made from a single Twitter thread. No wasted food, no wasted paper, and no wasted words.

In a bid to help Twitter users do their bit, and as the cost of living continues to soar, Jack is calling on the community to share what they currently have in their fridge, so she can share advice on what they can cook to avoid potential food waste.

The digital cookbook is composed of a thread of Tweets, each sharing a different recipe within the 280-character limit, taking no food waste to the next level. What began as a single Twitter thread, launched by Jack, is developing into a collection of no food waste recipes, collated by the Twitter community.

@BootstrapCook: “One of the most thrown away items in the UK is pre-prepared salad. You can knock it into a pesto with just a handful of simple ingredients. Use it on pasta, potato salads, soups or sandwiches or cheese on toast. Get the recipe here! #NoWasteCookBook

Another commonly wasted item is bread. Whether it’s the ends of the loaf, stale pieces, or the cut-off crusts of sandwiches, or even leftover garlic bread, turn it into this delicious soup with just three store cupboard ingredients. #NoWasteCookBook

And what about those apples past their best? You can use apple sauce in place of eggs in baking, as the pectin acts as a binding agent, like in this (incidentally vegan) Apple Bread. #NoWasteCookBook

Milk gone a bit sour or slightly curdled? Don’t throw it away! Mix it with flour, bicarb and a drop of vinegar for a no-knead no-equipment-required soda bread. If you’ve never made bread before, this is a great place to start! #NoWasteCookBook

And this one might seem a bit out there, but banana peels?! Wash them in cold slightly salted water to remove any pesticides, and they’re perfectly edible! Slightly banana-y, slightly bitter, excellent blended into a banana bread! #NoWasteCookBook

The Tweet has already had a flurry of responses from the community, with people sharing their favourite low-food waste recipes.

Jack Monroe says: “I’m delighted to be partnering with Twitter to create this crowdsourced digital ‘cookbook’ thread - together we’ll be bringing simple, affordable, no-waste recipes to Tweeters worldwide. No wasted ingredients, no wasted paper, and I’ll try not to waste any words! I hear from my readers every day at the moment that low-cost, canny, accessible meal ideas are more important than ever right now, with the cost of living bringing this to the fore quite sharply in recent weeks. So, I’m on hand to help people use up every last little scrap, fruit and veg peel, and get every part of your food into your bellies instead of into landfill - which is not only great for your budget, but good for the planet, too.”

Sean Boyle, Head of Sustainability at Twitter says: “Sustainable living is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, now more than ever. We’ve seen this is a prevalent conversation on Twitter, so we’re delighted to partner with Jack to engage with this topic further and create something that can help Tweeters in their day-to-day lives to make savings and avoid food waste.”

To give eco-warriors a source of ‘green-spiration’, Twitter also recommends the top foodie accounts to follow this year:

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  6. Vickihird

The Eco News loves to make what we call, Mouldy Veg Stew! Do not throw away those left over vegetables.

Read our blog post and recipe to help reduce food waste:



Food waste is a big problem throughout many homes, we have an easy solution to stop this! You may see the title and think EWWWW Mouldy VEG but what we really mean is your leftovers in the fridge from the week.

Sometimes you get to the end of the week and have that odd parsnip or onion that has not been used, you look and think what can I make from all of this? We have a simple recipe to resolve that!

Join the Trending Twitter movement for nofoodwaste! #twitter #earthday2022 #worldearthday

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