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What did you get your mum for Mothers Day? 8 Eco Friendly Mothers Day Gifts

  • Spring bulbs. Flower bulbs make for a great eco-friendly Mother's Day gift.

  • Tree sapling.

  • Reusable shopping bags.

  • Reusable cleaning cloths.

  • All-natural bath bombs.

  • Soap nuts (& wood dryer balls)

  • Handcrafted bird feeder.

  • Beneficial insect house.

Celebrate with Mum

Look after your Mum this Sunday.

  • Take your mum for a nature walk.

  • Do a house chore for your mum.

  • Take your mum out for lunch.

  • Create a memory.

  • Give a sentimental gift.

  • Consider a subscription gift.

Mothers day is to celebrate our great mums! Our mums are the a big part of the reason we are alive on this lovely planet, so we should celebrate how amazing they are and be thankful.

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