New Data from Battleface Shows the Most Sustainable Cities in the US

Leading travel insurance provider, battleface, decided to take a closer look at which destinations in the US are most sustainable, and why.

Using research related to carbon emissions, sustainable transport options, electric vehicle infrastructure, green space per city, and vegan options, the battleface team narrowed down the top 50 most sustainable cities in the U.S.

You can view the interactive map and the full list of cities (and their rankings), alongside data sources and methodology here:

As a leading travel insurance provider, battleface believes in preparing customers for whatever they may face on the road, whether they’re traveling to the next city or the next continent. Today, in the wake of a world-changing pandemic and accelerating crises caused by climate change, they believe the places most worth visiting are also the greenest, most sustainable, and resilient ones.

Here’s the top 50 cities table:

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