<strong>Hapi’s New App Enables Families to Grow Sustainable Wealth</strong>

A new challenger in the family finance space, Hapi has officially launched its app in the UK to help parents plan and invest sustainably for their children’s futures, with the support of their family and friends.

Parents can open stocks & shares Junior ISAs or general investment accounts in minutes and invite others to contribute directly to the child’s money pot via a unique link, an option they hope will reduce the alarming amount of waste generated by physical presents as 1 in 5 Christmas gifts are reported to end up in landfill. In the UK only that translates into 23 million unwanted gifts thrown away each year.

As the most recent United Nations climate change report warns that ‘global warming of 1.5°C and 2°C will be exceeded during the 21st century unless deep reductions in carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gas emissions occur in the coming decades’, Hapi is hoping families will embrace a new wave of gifting wealth, not landfill.

All investment options offered by Hapi are ESG and parents can also choose from specific sustainable portfolios such as Clean Energy, Global Water or Healthcare Innovation. With the dire climate change report, Hapi are hoping that sustainable investment will get that extra boost it needs to reach the spotlight.

In addition to sustainability, Hapi also challenges the status quo of family finance and believes it is one of the first Junior stocks & shares ISA that two parents can access and manage, whether they are together as a couple or not. A feature that they say “should’ve been built years ago but unfortunately financial services products still seem to be designed for single users and not modern and blended families where money is an equal matter”.

The app takes the focus on families and sustainability one step further by creating a gifting experience to allow direct contributions from anyone who would like to grow the child’s account. Every contribution can also include a message and a picture that is then stored in Hapi’s “time capsule” allowing the child to relive all the memories when they access the funds at the age of 18. No more unnecessary toys, cards or wrapping paper. Just green wealth that can make a stronger impact on a child’s life when it matters the most. 


Case study:

“There are many apps that offer Junior ISAs but what my partner and I liked the most was the fact that Hapi offers guilt-free investments. Knowing that we’re not only investing in our son’s future but also in a better future for everyone means a lot to us and we think he’ll really appreciate it when he takes hold of the account. The fact that our families can also add money directly to the JISA via the link we shared with them is super convenient and while they still buy small gifts for special occasions, they’re now investing in his JISA as well which makes me really confident our son will have a good start in adult life”.

  1. Katrina Li, Hapi parent

The idea of Hapi came about when Youssef Darwich, one of the Hapi founders, started considering investments as an alternative gift for his niece and nephew.

Youssef Darwich, Co-Founder at Hapi, commented:

“I’ve been working in finance for a while and have always wanted to help my niece and nephew on their birthdays rather than spending loads of money on toys that I knew they’d forget about in a few months.

When my wife and I had our first daughter we then tried to find an account that allowed our wider family to help out so that we could reduce the physical gifts she got. I was shocked by how far behind family finance was!

Take a Junior ISA for example – in nearly all cases today, the features you get in a Junior ISA are identical to those you get with a regular ISA yet the use case is very different and to date has not been catered for. For example when investing for children, at a start you tend to have two parents who want oversight and control, not one, and you also have a wider “village” who all want to do their bit to help. We make this super simple and let you open a Junior stocks & shares ISA for your child in minutes that anyone can contribute to whilst also leaving messages and pictures in a time-capsule that the child receives when they’re older.”

“Over time we plan to help parents with the other financial worries that keep them up at night – we’re building dedicated goals planning to help them plan for uni fees, school fees or whatever else they have in mind and we’re exploring partnerships with will writers and insurance providers to help them protect their family too”.

Hapi is available to UK parents who are over the age of 18 with parental responsibility for a child under the age of 16 who lives in the United Kingdom. The app is free to download, with a percentage fee on the amount you invest on the platform payable annually, depending on the portfolios you choose. All Hapi’s investment portfolios are sustainable and managed by BlackRock, one of the biggest money managers in the world responsible for managing over £6trillion of assets. As with all investments, capital at risk.

For more information, visit: https://www.hapiplan.com/

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