Updated: Feb 13

Pollution-detecting Christmas tree installed in Glasgow city centre.

Christmas tree featuring lights which change colour according to the pollution levels in the air installed in Glasgow

Christmas Tree-V lights powered by an electric vehicle to encourage motorists nationwide to opt for more low carbon ways to travel this festive season

39% of Brits are more likely to consider their carbon footprint when they travel due to COP26

The average motorist travels 339 miles during December on Christmas related activities, such as shopping for gifts or buying a Christmas tree

9th December, 2021: Visitors to Glasgow’s Buchanan Street will be treated this week to a festive lights display like no other, with a Christmas tree featuring lights that change colour according to the pollution levels in the city.

The tree was installed by EDF in a bid to make motorists more aware of the impact that petrol and diesel cars have on the environment, and features colour-changing lights powered by an electric vehicle (EV) that react to air pollution levels in the city centre.

Developed by the company’s research and development team, the innovative light display has been programmed to reflect live pollution data and change colour from green to white once the World Health Organisation (WHO) annual mean limit (5 μg/m3), which is the target that the WHO has set for the total average pollution levels for the year to stay below, for PM2.5 is exceeded1.

The display comes as consumer research commissioned by EDF2 reveals over three fifths (63%) of Brits travelling this Christmas will be using a car as their main mode of transport, with only 5% of these driving an EV3.

The research found that nine in 10 British adults look set to travel more than 300 miles to celebrate Christmas, with the average motorist travelling 339 miles during December on Christmas related activities4. This includes visiting friends and family (96 miles) and shopping for Christmas food and gifts (110 miles), equating to a collective 10.5billion miles nationwide5. Additionally, of those travelling in the month of December, 18% will drive to see festive markets and 15% usually go to see the Christmas lights.