Eco Green Living Secures Major Listing with, the World’s Largest Dedicated Online Supermarket, Paving the Way for Eco-Friendly Living.


Posted 1 month ago

Higher Whitley, June 2024 – Eco Green Living is thrilled to announce the launch of its line of compostable household essentials on, the world’s largest dedicated online supermarket. This exciting partnership allows consumers to make environmentally conscious choices during their shopping journeys, responding to the increasing demand for sustainable alternatives in retail.

Alice Hunt, buying manager at Ocado Retail says: “We’re delighted to be the only grocery retailer to stock the full range of Eco Green Livings Eco Swaps for the home. The brand stands for high quality, certified compostable every-day items for food and waste, which aligns perfectly with Ocado’s commitment to sustainability and delivering great quality products to our customers. We predict that the range will be very popular indeed. ”

Recognizing the urgent need for eco-friendly options, proudly introduces 12 products from the Eco Green Living range. This collaboration highlights     Ocado Retail’s commitment to offering authentic eco-friendly choices for discerning shoppers.

Julie Cook, Co-Founder of Eco Green Living, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “Securing a partnership with has been a pivotal goal for us since our inception. We are confident that our range and vision align seamlessly with Ocado’s customer base.      We are thrilled to collaborate with Ocado on this journey towards a greener future.”

The featured products include:

1. Certified Compostable Clingwrap

2. Recycled Foil

3. Certified Compostable Drawstring Bags – Available in 8L and 40L sizes

4. Certified Compostable Bin Bags – Offered in 10L, 30L, 60L, and 140L variants

5. Certified Compostable Zip Loc Bags – Available in Small and Medium sizes

Eco Green Living’s Commitment:

  • Third-party certification ensures that these bin bags are 100% industrial compostable.
  • Suitable for home composting, excluding the tie part.
  • Rapid decomposition, breaking down within 8 to 12 weeks.
  • Leaves behind zero harmful microplastics or plastic residues.
  • Crafted from non-edible organic materials, minimizing waste.

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