Recycle, Refill, Relove!  Winners of the 2024 Beauty Shortlist ECO Awards announced


Posted 4 weeks ago

The year’s highest-scoring recyclable, reusable, refillable, “no plastic” and planet-positive beauty and wellness brands have been revealed at the 4th annual ECO Awards and the winners include:


Winner (beauty)

WELEDA “Save Earth’s Skin” Campaign to raise awareness of the crucial impact soil health has on our planet, quality of food and climate change

Winner (self-care) 

WUKA “Axe The Tax”, 5-year campaign to end the 20% VAT tax on period pants (the tax was successfully eliminated in November 2023) 


Winner (planet-friendly packaging)


Winner (design)

OQUIST – waterless skincare inside a piece of art 

Winner (innovation)

ReMI Beauty – plastic-free, zero waste moisturiser stones / ceramics / next-gen bioactives meet native botanicals


Winner (community support)

Kahina Giving Beauty (Morocco-New York)

Individual product stand-outs include:

Swedish brand Oquist’s 5-in1 Balm in artisan terracotta clay Cha Dao Bowls

ReMI Beauty’s Day and Night Moisturiser Stones in refillable ceramic holders (Australia)

British brand Bramley’s refill pouches in collaboration with On Repeat

Plastic-free, refillable Swiss haircare brand Nuniq

Vemel waterless skincare (UK)

Sustainable Italian botanical brand Team Dr Joseph’s Solid Super Soft Hair Wash + Balm and Solid Shower Gel/Refreshing Body Wash in 100% cellulose compostable packaging

Devon-based brand Coraline Skincare’s Repair & Replenish Body Balm (in Sulapac sustainable plastic alternative container)

Austrian natural skincare brand Phystine’s 100% plastic-free range

“Visually appealing, kind to the earth and ocean, reusable packaging designs, reflecting the shades, textures and forms found in nature herself have been a big highlight this year,” says awards founder Fiona Klonarides.

“We’ve loved the strong “relove” ethic, personified by Swedish brand Oquist’s 5-in-1 Balm in terracotta clay tea ceremony-inspired artisan “Cha Dao Bowls” where art meets beauty”.

“ReMI Beauty’s solid luminous moisturiser stones in curved keepsake ceramic “boxes” are unique and so easy on the eye.”

“It’s a joy to see these brands encouraging us to keep and reuse their beautiful artisanal containers as opposed to just throwing packaging away as we so often do – adding to the planet’s already unbearable plastic trash burden.”

“These brands are beacons in a disposable, plastic-wrapped world. It’s important to honour them and give them the exposure they deserve.”

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