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The Eco News.

We all like to read daily news, grab a newspaper and discuss what is happening around the world. Wouldn’t you like to read more about the planet, what you can do to live more sustainably and support the businesses who are making eco-friendly products?

If the answer is yes, our eco journey is for you! We publish newspapers every Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter to share how you can bring joy to the planet throughout each season change.


We want to voice how people can be more sustainable, how you can make small changes to make a difference and update you on worldwide change through blogging and printing The Eco News.

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For Kids.

For those who are parents, we spend so much of our time caring for the future of our children. Education plays an important role, and we think learning about our planet, animals and wildlife is a great place to start.

From a young age yourself, you play in the garden wondering what is this amazing planet we live on. Discover more for your children, complete amazing activities and games and educate them through our fun planet facts!


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We work to support so many other eco brands and sustainable businesses, read latest eco news, discover amazing new products and complete our awesome home cooking recipes. 

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Work with us.

The Eco News has been created to help share Eco Awareness World Wide! Our paper has been travelling to events and is being stocked in stores around the UK. (we can stock outside of the UK too!)

The Eco News was at COP26 in Glasgow 2021, currently available in local farm shops in Suffolk and Essex and for sale in Eco Stores.

We also produce a free edition, for customers to freely pick up and take home.

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News Platform
of the Year!

We are pleased to announce that we have won the Prestige awards of 2022! 

News Platform of the Year - London and South East


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