Frecycle have launched revolutionary APP!


Posted 1 year ago

Wednesday, October 26, 2022 — Frecycle, an eco-friendly company that prioritises recycling within the UK will launch its revolutionary new waste management app on Monday, 31 October. The app provides a simple and transparent way for users to recycle their waste, enabling them to make certain it is properly recycled.  A good deal of recycling routinely gets thrown in together with regular trash.

Frecycle is here to solve this issue. Users book Frecycle cyclists at convenient times to collect and sort the waste and ensure it is recycled properly while providing recorded updates. The app-based service is the first of its kind and is available for download in Apple’s App store, Android’s Play store and Google Play.

CEO of Frecycle, Richard Chapple, said: “Most people who recycle are unaware of the fact that their recycling doesn’t always get recycled. They simply throw it into the separate bin as instructed and hope for the best. In truth, millions of plastic and other recycling still wind up in landfills, contributing to the global health and climate crisis.”

In the UK alone, an excess of 38.2m tonnes of packaging and household waste is produced each year. Over 50% of waste is not recycled but rather exported to third world countries to be disposed of in landfills. As it becomes more and more apparent that the world must make a transition to a zero-carbon environment, the need for green-focused companies becomes increasingly urgent.

Chapple continued: “At its simplest, I wanted the app to encourage people to recycle by giving them control over what becomes of their recycling. The waste management app gives users the peace of mind knowing that their efforts are not being wasted.”

In addition to providing on-demand recycling services, Frecycle enables users to earn profits through rewards for their recycling efforts, largely contributing to the circular economy. Once the waste has been recycled, users are rewarded with tokens for their efforts. Tokens can be redeemed from online retailers – Frecycle continues to look for new partnerships for the future.

For more information visit: – please note this is currently only based in London’UK.