Print Sisters Archive – who are they?


Posted 2 weeks ago


Print Sisters Archive, founded by the creative duo Alexia and Claudia, is a small independent female-led company born during the first lockdown. We curate a diverse archive of rare artworks, historical prints, and textile patterns, celebrating craftsmanship with a vision that blends creativity, heritage, and timeless style. Our vintage print designs reflect our passion for fashion, interior design, and love for the planet, offering affordable art for all.


Hosting one of the largest privately owned curated collections from the 1800s to the 1970s, our archive features rare and unique handcrafted textile design artworks. We restore, rework, and revive prints, honoring original artists through a modern approach, creating affordable and sustainable products. Limited to 500 editions per design, our process involves careful digital restoration, often adding creative flair with colour variations and mixing and highlighting unique elements. Our archive collection is always evolving. French vintage designs are sourced mostly from Lyon and surrounding textile areas. Some of the prints are from Belgium, Italy and also Britain. We currently produce blankets, cushion covers, wallpaper and prints.


Growing up we visited a lot of vintage markets, surrounded by classic cars, dresses, jewellery and art, where we developed a natural inclination to seek and collect beauty. So it was always in our nature to seek and collect beauty. Our grandmother is from Belgium so visiting her home city, Brussels, to explore the Art Nouveau and Art Deco architectural spaces was also very inspiring to us.


Based in Hackney, London, our hands-on collaboration involves selecting prints, forming print stories, and making poetic connections, expressing sentiments. The process is organic, influenced by seasons, films, exhibitions, and moods. We usually go with whatever feels most beautiful or resonates the most. If we did this process on another day we’d likely make a different selection, so sometimes we take weeks to let ourselves hone in and build excitement about the next wave of creativity.


At the heart of our business is our gratitude to the environment around us, striving to be as eco-friendly as we can. We work with 100% recycled and sustainable papers and materials wherever possible. We are proud to be partnered with Tree Sisters, a tree planting charity which also offers unique global programs that focus on encouraging women’s leadership and nature-connection, as we make the shift from being consumers to restorers- a sentiment we reflect in our work to restore vintage designs. We are always seeking out ways we can further achieve a full circle eco approach to our products.


We’ve channelled our passion into an archive that has inspired fashion and interior designers alike. We have collaborated with independent designers and renowned brands worldwide such as Real Hackney Dave, Daydress, Lick and Oasis. Our brand has been seen in Vogue, House and Garden UK, Elle Decoration, and will soon be featured in TrendBible and The English Home as we’ve just received a 2024 New Year Honours Award!


Currently stocked in Glassette and soon in Fenwick’s, our full range is available on our website (or line sheets attached have an array of our products for swift perusal). 

As we stride into 2024, we continue using our passion as a compass for further growth, so folk can discover true historic beauties for themselves! Recently won two awards with LUXlife : Best Sustainable Textile Design Company 2024 – UK & BUILD Family Run Business Award 2024