Free speaker meeting on ETHICAL FINANCE, with leading authority, author and Ethical Consumer editor ROB HARRISON – Investing in our future


Posted 1 month ago

Making money while making a difference …

As part of London Climate Action Week (22 – 30 June 2024), Muswell Hill Sustainability Group (MHSG) is hosting a free speaker meeting at Muswell Hill Methodist Church on Thursday 27th June from 7.30pm, on the subject of Ethical Finance.

The evening will open with a presentation and Q&A by author and Ethical Consumer magazine co-founder Rob Harrison. Harrison is a leading authority on ethical financial services and investment funds, and regularly works on developing ethical policies with international NGOs, brands and government departments. So, this is a rare opportunity for expert insights into navigating the metrics of sustainable investing.

Saving money while saving the planet …

He will be followed by Muswell Hill resident, Jeremy Gibb, presenting on Ripple Energy, a pioneering renewable energy cooperative.

Operating similarly to crowd-funding, Ripple sell shares in the construction of UK-based wind and solar farms, so that investors effectively own their own source of low-cost, green energy, which can translate into up to 25% saved on electricity bills and 1,434kg of CO2 saved per household each year.

“I invested in Ripple’s first and second projects in 2021 and 2022”, says Gibb, as Ripple release their fourth wind farm project, “and so far my share of generation has been over 15,000 Kilowatt Hours, with savings of over £2,600.” His share investment covers 120% of his household electricity, but he has installed a further domestic solar thermal and solar photovoltaic (PV) system.

“My goal” he says, “is for the house to be fully electric and for all the electricity used to be directly covered by renewables.” And he is well on the way, with plans to replace a gas boiler with a heat pump next on his agenda.

“I wanted to be part of new renewable energy being built, as well as using it; to be supporting a cooperative model, to hedge against high energy costs, and to make giving up gas affordable. With the higher energy costs now, I will recoup the investment much sooner than projected.”

Reassuring proof that sustainable solutions can also be financially savvy ones.

Jeremy Gibb’s house will be part of Muswell Hill Sustainability Group’s Green Open Home fortnight. Across the weekends of 9th, 10th, 17th and 18th October, 10 energy efficient homes around Muswell Hill – from retrofits to new builds – are opened up for explanatory tours by the hosts, accompanied by a series of expert talks across the subject. Booking will be available through the MHSG website from July.

Event:             Ethical Finance speaker meeting
Date:               Thursday, 27th June 2024
Time:              7.30 – 8:30pm
Location:        Muswell Hill Methodist Church, 28, Pages Lane, N10 1PP

Entry:              Free, no booking required

For those that can’t make it, all MHSG talks are permanently posted on their YouTube channel after the event.