Eight upmarket tips for a fabulously appointed eco-abode!

Interior design has never been more in vogue – with the rise of social media it’s easier than ever to be agog in the digital front row as a never-ending parade of gorgeous interiors flits across Pinterest.

Not to be left out, the ‘green’ crowd is now thoroughly spoilt for choice when decking out a chic Earth-friendly abode. This is made possible through the latest how-to hacks on the University of YouTube or by product manufacturers getting on board with sustainability – creating more eco-friendly options for everything from paint to plaster.

Some clever furniture makers have decided that green warriors deserve more choice than granny’s inherited wicker chair, an upcycled eBay sofa and smattering of potted succulents. They have decided to bless green housanistas by, say, using discarded plastic to create the sort of furniture and textiles which are perfectly at home on the pages of glossy magazines dedicated to drool-worthy homes. In short, keeping the landfills from overflowing with human detritus has never been more chic, now that upcycled plastic furniture has been elevated to gallery-level pieces. Here’s a roundup of the most current and stylish options to love on the planet whilst ensuring that your property is unarguably Pin-worthy.

One: Stencil exterior concrete slabs

Images - Sourced from Pinterest.

Using paint to revive exterior concrete slabs is not exactly revolutionary, but with the right choice of stencils (avoiding the Victorian motifs that have been done to death), you could give your exterior flooring a wow factor upgrade with very little financial output. It’s simply the perfect way to inject new