Adopt a penguin for your Valentine at the Oceanarium, Bournemouth


Posted 4 months ago

For a long-lasting romantic gesture, and to tell someone how much you flippin’ love them,
the Oceanarium Bournemouth invites you to make penguins your love language this year,
during the Valentine’s season – whether it be your partner, friends or family – by adopting a Humboldt penguin. While roses may fade, and chocolate is quickly consumed, adopting a penguin for a special someone may be more memorable and provide extra romance bonus points.

Not only is it a thoughtful gift for a loved one, adopting a penguin will give a huge boost to the Oceanarium’s conservation efforts and a donation will be made to a charity supported by the Oceanarium to help fund marine habitats worldwide and projects in the wild. When someone purchases a penguin adoption package from the Oceanarium, they receive, a special printed penguin adoption certificate, personalised with the name of the adoptee, a cute penguin plush toy, a fact sheet full of information about the species of Humboldt penguins, a welcome letter with information about what this means to the Humboldt penguins of the Oceanarium, a penguin photo magnet, a penguin keyring magnet, two adult complimentary tickets, name displayed on the wall at Penguin Beach Encounter of the Oceanarium for 12 months.

Since launching penguin adoptions in December, the Oceanarium has raised a whopping £200 for charity.
Adoption packs start at £24.99 in the gift shop or £55 for postage adoptions and are presented in a themed animal carrier box. Waddle you waiting for? Adopt a penguin today and give back this Valentine’s Day.
For postage adoptions, orders must be made by Monday 12 February to receive in time for Valentines Day. Otherwise, packages must be picked up in person at the Oceanarium front desk. To order an adoption pack, please call us on 01202 311 993 or visit our website for more information