Alice Oseman’s sustainable ‘Loveless’ release – Pride Month


Posted 11 months ago

Eco Kaila and Alice Oseman partnered up for a limited-edition launch of t-shirts in support of charity this pride! The t-shirt features a ‘happy pride’ illustration on the front, and a large colourful graphic on the back with characters from their hit book ‘Loveless’, which touches on a number of topics, including coming to terms with sexuality and asexuality.

All profits from the campaign are going towards Not A Phase, a charity helping trans communities thrive in the UK.

The t-shirts, made by Eco Kaila, were created sustainably using organic materials, ethical practices, and no plastics (including in packaging). Eco Kaila are leading the charge towards a more sustainable fashion industry. Now, add Alice Oseman’s visionary artistry and passion for positive change to the mix, and you’ve got a match made in eco-friendly heaven.

This collaboration focuses on a simple message that fashion has no gender. Eco Kaila and Alice Oseman have come together to create a product that welcomes everyone, regardless of how they identify. It’s a powerful reminder that fashion should be a space where all voices are heard and celebrated. You have the option to view all products on the site without being told which category the clothes fit into, allowing you to make your own choice from your own style.

Fans all over the world have been sharing pictures and videos with their new t-shirts, after thousands pleaded for a re-release having originally sold out in an hour. The restock proved to be a huge success, as Twitter has been filled with Pride march pictures featuring the stand-out design.

There you have it! The incredible, and unexpected collaboration has truly brought magic to the world of sustainable fashion. It is the perfect fusion of artistry, inclusivity, and environmental consciousness that will leave you feeling inspired. From the vibrant illustrations to the genderless design, this piece celebrates uniqueness and reminds us that fashion can make a positive impact. So, join the movement, express yourself, and embrace a greener future, whilst supporting a great cause this Pride month. If you didn’t get yours, there’s still availability at