Ariba Ariba! Choose New Planet-friendly Cactus Leather Trainers!


Posted 3 months ago

If you have embraced a vegan lifestyle for ‘Veganuary’, a brand-new, footwear innovation means you can also extend your new principles to your wardrobe and do even more good for the planet, by wearing truly amazing cactus leather trainers.

Family business, Cocorose London, has launched a ‘Kew’ range of ‘plant-powered’ trainers that encompass this vegan, eco-friendly material.

This plant-based, planet-considerate leather sits atop a vegan sole with its own eco-twist.  The rubber actually contains 30% cork, which has been recycled from used wine-industry corks. 

This exciting Kew vegan range is available in five different options of low-top, handmade trainers. All stay true to the brand’s ethos of producing the most comfortable footwear in the market, with an indulgent degree of foot cosseting, plus a contoured footbed.  

Four of the low-top trainers are in off-white cactus leather and are distinguished by a coloured heel tab.  This is available in Beige, Marine Blue, Bordeaux and a Mostaza yellow.  The fifth trainer is a versatile, sleek all-black.  All will provide owners with a real talking point, when worn in the office, at social occasions or just when out and about, day to day.

All Kew trainers come with recycled polyester, effortless beige laces and bear a slightly speckled, eye-catching sole, thanks to the recycled cork element. Priced at £145 they come beautifully packaged in a Cocorose London recyclable Plant-Powered cardboard box.

You don’t have to be vegan to want to adopt these trainers, particularly if you like to make planet-protecting lifestyle choices.  This range is also helping one of Earth’s natural stars – the cactus plant – to be supported as a crop.  Cacti are natural carbon sinks and a 14-acre cactus plantation absorbs and extracts around 8000 tons of carbon from the atmosphere. Cacti do not drink up vital water resources, can survive drought conditions and help rejuvenate surrounding soil for other crops. Their cultivation supports local communities in Mexico.

The new Kew trainers are on sale at and orders for boutiques and other outlets, who want to provide customers with a fantastic reason to buy something new and innovative, can be taken on 020 3146 8806.