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UK, 29th November 2022: Bushfired has just launched the first-ever sustainable carbon-neutral charcoal made from the husks of the shea tree. Traditionally, charcoal is made from carbonising wood which means trees are cut down purely to be used for charcoal and which can lead to deforestation.

Derived from the Shea tree, exclusive to its native West Africa, Bushfired is the world’s first and only sustainable charcoal to be produced from the once, discarded husks of the Shea tree fruit. Bushfired uses a process which carbonises the husks from the shea tree to create charcoal, meaning no trees are chopped down.

Bushfired is a new, all-sustainable alternative to traditional charcoal perfect for barbeque grills, outdoor stoves, mobile chimneys, coal ovens, outdoor fire pits and much more. With an average burn time of 4.5hrs, cooking BBQ food and lighting outdoor fire pits for garden parties this winter has never been more sustainable, not to mention cost-effective.

In 2021 Toyin Ariyo founded a skincare company, which uses Shea butter as its primary product. Realising the leftover husks would take years to decompose, while also releasing greenhouse gases into the environment, Toyin discovered the husks could be carbonised during a net zero carbon emission process to form a highly efficient charcoal, with excellent heat output, a long burn time and sustainable properties.

Other key features include:

  • Natural soil improver after use.
  • Long-lasting (average burn time = 4.5hrs)
  • Well-engineered.
  • 100% sustainable and eco-friendly.
  • Completely traceable from source to end user.

Founder of Bushfired, Toyin Ariyo says:

“Having witnessed first-hand the devastating deforestation of the forests of Nigeria through charcoal production, I was determined to find an alternative to charcoal to protect the planet and create a sustainable fuel choice, which is how Bushfired was created.

Bushfired believes in doing anything it can to support the West African community, in which” 95% of the workers within the Shea industry are women. By increasing the production elements of the Shea tree, we are creating more jobs for the workers to give them and their offspring better life opportunities. The charcoal is fully traceable from the tree through to the workers, which is something we pride ourselves on. We have produced an eco-friendly product, while also helping people.”

Dr. Shaibu Baanni Azumah, Director at Action for Shea Parklands added:Bushfired’s interest and business model fit into our global agenda of planting and protecting some 8 million shea trees in the next 10 years, helping the environment in general and improving the lives of the communities living within these parklands.”

Bushfired charcoal currently starts at £6.99 for the hookah cubes and £13.99 for the premium long briquettes and is available to pre-order for delivery in the UK and Ireland, from https://www.bushfired.com/.

Price Guide!

Bushfired’s full product carbon neutral charcoal range includes:

Long premium Briquettes – 12 pcs per box (7.5kg) – RRP: £13.99

Hexagon short (36pcs per box) 6kg – RRP: £11.99

Hookah Cubes (64pcs per box) 1KG- RRP: £6.99