Published October 15, 2022

Action Net Zero, the community interest company set up to help people and businesses embrace a greener future, has launched its latest campaign – to reduce our reliance on fossil fuel. 

Across 2022 and 2023, the focus will be on supporting individuals, communities and businesses to take ownership of how they buy and use energy.

Pamela Barbato, founder of Action Net Zero, said: “We all share the responsibility for making changes to live more sustainably. This campaign, over the next year, will highlight the many ways that people can act, helping everyone understand that small incremental changes really do make a difference”.

“For businesses, we want to support them to be at the forefront of change with projects both large and small which align to their business goals; reducing costs, consumption and their carbon footprint whilst increasing energy resilience. We hope this will help the rest of the UK see the South West as a pioneer in reducing its reliance on fossil fuels and increasing its generation of renewable energy; supporting 2030 net zero targets”. 

As part of the campaign activity it will host, in October, a private roundtable event which brings together subject matter experts and influencers to discuss ‘what do businesses in the South West need to know to decarbonise and reduce their reliance on traditional energy sources?’. 

One of those ‘round the table’ will be the West of England’s Metro Mayor Dan Norris who said:  

 “There is a climate and ecological emergency. We desperately need everyone to do their bit to help end our reliance on dirty fossil fuels and make that transition to a zero-carbon economy, so important for the West of England. I welcome this really important campaign to support and guide all of us – companies, communities and individuals – to act now and decarbonise. This will be vital if we are to reach our super-ambitious net-zero-by-2030 targets locally”. 

This event will lead, later in 2022, to a white paper and action framework, based on what was discussed including practical steps can be taken to move towards a net zero future,  mobilised through Action Net Zero’s outreach activity. 

Pamela Barbato, said: “We can take action and we can bring about change, our programmes are evidence of that. We’re already supporting community venues to install EV chargers, we’re running community events to engage people around simple ways to reduce their energy bills and switch to renewable energy and we’re working with our partners to deliver change across the South West.”

Neil Mehta, General Manager, Product Company Clevedon says:

“Our solutions, made in the South West, help reduce the environmental impact of the manufacturing process of semiconductors found in every day electronics. For us it is essential everyone takes responsibility for the current climate crisis and together look for solutions. That equates to governments, business and the individual. This initiative by Action Net Zero is of key strategic importance because it brings all three parts together to work as one to find the right answers and implement them”. 

Maria Connolly, executive board member responsible for sustainability at law firm TLT, says: 

“We’re extremely proud of our 2040 net zero target, because it’s been done in the most rigorous of ways and sets a gold standard for decarbonisation right here in Bristol. It sets us on a clear path to net zero, and we have already achieved some significant milestones, for example launching an electric car leasing scheme for staff to make them more affordable. Collaboration is a key part of achieving net zero, and we are pleased to be a partner of Action Net Zero’s, sharing our experiences and working together on decarbonising as quickly as possible.”

To find out more about the campaign or to find information about how anyone can make positive changes to be more sustainable visit