Cheshire’s Buckley’s Bees provide honey for award winning Three Wrens Gin


Posted 2 years ago

Buckley’s Bees is a family run apiary in Cheshire that cares for bees, produces honey and is on a mission to educate and inspire the next generation of beekeepers.

Emma Buckley and her father David manage bees on behalf of clients, run beekeeping courses for professionals and amateurs, as well as producing honey from their hives.

And it is this honey that has formed one of the special ingredients in an award winning gin made not far away from Buckley’s Bees apiary in Cheshire, at Three Wrens Distillery in Combermere Cheshire.

Nick Wadeson founded Three Wrens Gin in 2019. It is run from a woodland distillery with all gins being made by hand in a 50 litre copper pot sill named Valerie.

Three Wrens are strong believers in provenance and use exceptional ingredients. Nick sources his juniper berries from Tuscany in Italy and grows his own herbs, which all find their way into the distillery.

It is this quest for provenance that led him to Buckley’s Bees. Nick had heard about the apiary and wanted to use a honey in his award winning London Dry Gin.

Nick says: “Honey has a really good effect on the gin, softening it. We’re really keen on provenance and Buckley’s Bees have a similar philosophy to us. Their honey is amazing and we’re delighted that they can supply us.”

Three Wren’s London Dry Gin has just won a gold medal at the Global Gin Masters 2022.

Emma Buckley says: “We’re delighted for Nick and Three Wrens. He produces exceptional gin and to know that our incredible bees have played a part in making this gin is wonderful.

“For us here at Buckley’s Bees it is testament yet again to the role that bees play in our environment. As pollinators they are vital to stable and healthy food supplies. Bees play such an important role as well as creating honey.”

You can buy Three Wrens Gin online and Buckley’s Bees honey from local suppliers in the Cheshire area.

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