Davpack and its Sister Companies Reach Half a Million Tree Donation


Published February 16, 2022

United Kingdom, January 24, 2022: Davpack, a leading corrugated cardboard box and packaging supplier within the UK, along with the other companies belonging to the TAKKT AG Group has recently announced that they have hit a huge milestone for a tree donation. The collaborative efforts of all the businesses have helped reach an outstanding 500,000 trees to be given to The Eden Reforestation Project (ERP). The customers of Davpack and TAKKT AG have helped contribute to over 719 million trees being produced, planted, and protected alongside 10,990 employees becoming empowered with fair wages throughout 8 countries.

The Eden Reforestation Project was created in 2005, it is currently assisting with reforesting and supporting a range of countries such as Madagascar, Mozambique and Haiti. They also have new plans to share their services with Ethiopia and the Philippines. ERP work in some of the world’s most remote and politically unstable places and overcome countless challenges to fulfil their mission of planting trees and saving lives. The Eden Reforestation Project introduced their ‘Employ A Plant’ methodology where they introduce simple planting techniques to support local communities in not just restoring the environment, but also their economy. ERP states that their “success and the communities’ success are inextricably entwined”. The partnership between Davpack and the Eden Reforestation Project has allowed individuals to afford shelter, education, food, clothing, and medicine. That is why Davpack and the TAKKT AG Group as a whole are determined to continue to provide ERP with trees to ensure that these daily necessities keep falling into the hands of those who need it most.

Davpack also believes it is important to note that it is not only the company’s efforts that have helped achieve the half a million milestone. Their customers investing in Davpack’s corrugated cardboard boxes and other forms of packaging deserve to be commended as well. Barney Byfield – the Managing Director of the company – states: “We are delighted to have enabled the planting of half a million trees thanks to the support from our customers. For every order, a tree is planted. Davpack is working hard to remain at the forefront of eco-packaging with a clear commitment to sustainability. By supporting the planting of trees and other social projects, we are contributing positively to the planet in ways beyond the products we supply. There is much more for us all to do together, and we remain very committed to a broad eco programme.”

The Global Carbon Project (GCP) projected that fossil emissions in 2021 would reach 36.4 billion tonnes of CO2 (measured in Gigatonnes of Carbon Dioxide – GtCO2), only 0.8% below the pre-pandemic high of 36.7 GtCO2 in 2019. Davpack and the Eden Reforestation Project’s partnership is vital to making a difference to the current stagnant pattern of carbon emissions. The replanting of trees will help absorb CO2 and other greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere and recreate ecosystems that wildlife can form habitats in. Alongside this, Davpack has significantly improved its eco-packaging range to increase the companies sustainability, lowering its carbon emissions and energy usage.

Among other key insights:

– Each tree planted by Davpack comes at no extra cost, the eco-friendly products range from home or office supplies and food containers to popular e-commerce packaging options.

‘Together we pledge our commitment to sustainability and work in collaboration to give back to our environment.’ – Davpack All tree planting is done in a sustainable manner – no logging areas are planted; forest wardens are hired, and local residents are supplied with alternative fuels.