Davpack Successfully Walk to Legs4Africa Over Three Times


Published December 18, 2021

The employees of Davpack walk a whopping 437.5 miles and raise over £3000 in the process in an effort to help Legs4Africa achieve their campaign goal.

Davpack, a leading UK mail-order packaging supplies company, ended its recent fundraiser ‘Davpack Walks to Legs4Africa’ after a month of employees tracking their mileage throughout November. Legs4Africa is a Bristol-based charity that supports people with limb differences across sub-Saharan Africa. The organisation launched a campaign aptly named ‘Leg Up’ in line with the start of the Paralympics. They set a target of £100,000 – £50,000 of public donations, and the other £50,000 being provided by a generous match funder, giving the public the opportunity to double their contributions. Davpack’s challenge first began with the hopes of individuals walking a collaborative 125 miles. However, the team were proud to announce that they managed to complete 437.5 miles, which equates to walking to the Legs4Africa’s HQ three times over!

Legs4Africa (L4A) is an inspiring charity that raises awareness surrounding the imbalance of equality for amputees across the World. The charity was founded in 2014 by Tom Williams who, whilst on his travels across The Gambia, met a family whose father was an amputee struggling to find a prosthetic leg. This sparked the idea behind the L4A organisation. The charity aims to rebalance the access of prosthetics by donating prosthetic legs that would otherwise end up in landfills, alongside providing both mental and physical rehabilitation services to those suffering from limb loss. With an estimated 1.8 million amputees on the continent in need of a prosthetic leg and a rise in mental health issues as a result of amputation, Legs4Africa’s work is vital for reducing stigma surrounding limb loss and decreasing the number of people putting their lives at risk by refusing surgery.

Evie Dickinson, the Fundraising and Communications Manager for Legs4Africa, revealed that Davpack has helped to raise a total of £3,510! Evie explained: ‘This will ensure we can deliver another 293 prosthetic legs to people who need them or will allow us to offer our counselling service to 234 people who are either pre or post-amputation. Thank you so much for walking your way to victory in support of people with limb differences in sub-Saharan Africa. It’s been an absolute pleasure and I hope you all know the true impact of your kindness’.

The organisation estimates that there are currently 4,500 individuals in The Gambia who require a prosthetic leg. Through the success of the Leg Up campaign, the charity will continue to grow its services over the next two years including its mobility centre support, community outreach, and emotional support. Legs4Africa is determined to help thousands of marginalised people grow confidence and increase their opportunities for education, work, and recreation.

The employees of Davpack who took part in the walk are incredibly thankful to the company for matching the total amount of donations made from sponsors. We are also appreciative of everyone who was able to donate to the Davpack Walks to Legs4Africa campaign and made the delivery of 293 prosthetic legs or the offering of counselling to 234 amputees possible. Davpack is excited to continue with its support of L4A, the company cannot wait to see how the charity will grow and improve limb loss equality whilst reducing extreme poverty caused by amputations.

Among other key insights:

  1. Davpack Walks to Legs4Africa was inspired by the charity’s launch of their own ‘Leg Up’ campaign which ends on the 24th of December 2021.
  2. If you would like to donate directly to L4A, you can do that here: https://www.legs4africa.org/legup/

‘Looking at all areas of the business where we can try to become more responsible’ – Davpack

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