Deakin & Blue becomes the first UK sustainable swimwear brand to launch a deadstock range saving textile waste from landfill!


Posted 4 months ago

As a sustainable brand, Deakin & Blue is dedicated to being an antidote to fast fashion. Made from durable fabric, its swimwear is designed to last for years and for multiple uses from poolside sunbathing to swimming across oceans. Deakin & Blue also offers a swimwear recycling scheme.

In February 2024 Deakin & Blue launched the D&B Deadstock Designs, a limited-edition range of swimsuits and bikinis made from deadstock fabric. In Sustainability research conducted in January this year, 53% of women did not know what the term ‘deadstock’ meant. The fabric is surplus leftover from the fashion industry which would otherwise go to landfill.

Rosie Cook, founder and CEO, said: “These beautiful fabrics would have been thrown away had we not intervened. Now, they can be enjoyed by our customers, for swim after swim. As a brand, we’re always thinking about how to improve our sustainability, which is important to both us and our customers.”

94% of women said buying eco-friendly designs and sustainable products mattered to them.

D&B Deadstock Designs come in three of Deakin & Blue’s best-selling styles, The Reversible X-Back Swimsuit, The Reversible Plunge Swimsuit and The Plunge Bikini. Like all D&B styles, the swimwear is made responsibly in London where all workers are paid a fair wage.

D&B Deadstock Designs are:

● Made responsibly in East London, UK

● Tailored to fit a wide-range of female body shapes

● Available in sizes 8-24, AA-HH cup

● Shipped to customers in 100% recyclable packaging

● Sold with excellent post-sale customer service and free repairs after purchase

About Deakin & Blue

Deakin & Blue started in 2016 when Rosie tried to buy a swimsuit. She said: “I realised that swimwear offered either style or substance but never both. On one hand – beautiful, flimsy bikinis for lounging about and ordering cocktails; on the other – serious sportswear that offered little shape, support or style. I wanted a swimsuit that could offer me both.”

Rosie discovered that more than 500,000 women had given up swimming because of body image issues. She also found that half of all mums didn’t swim with their kids because of how they felt in swimwear. She realised that this lack of decent swimwear meant that women were missing out. So, she decided to solve the problem.

Working with a team of design experts, Rosie developed a set of pieces that transformed how swimwear feels, looks and is made. Combining fabrics made from ocean and deadstock waste, sustainable production and a ground-breaking sizing system, Deakin & Blue makes swimwear for a range of body shapes and sizes.

Deakin & Blue is dedicated to a circular economy, guided by the principles of eliminating waste and pollution, keeping its products in circulation, and repairing and regenerating old swimwear.

Key highlights from Deakin & Blue’s 2024 Sustainability Research

● 53% of women did not know what the term ‘deadstock’ meant

● 98% of women said purchasing garments with a positive or neutral impact on the planet was important

● 94% of women said buying eco-friendly designs and sustainable products mattered to them

● 73% said buying something sustainably made was more important than buying something on trend

● 93% said it was important to them to buy a garment where the maker was paid a fair wage

● 70% said it was important to them to buy a garment made from waste

● 81% said they try to buy and own less garments, but ensure that each item is a high quality piece

Find out more For more information visit Deakin & Blue. For comment, photography and samples contact: Alice –, mobile +34 693 013 602