Demand For Energy-Saving Home Improvements Almost Doubles In 2023


Posted 1 year ago

This Earth Day, a new sustainability study reveals the ways homeowners are adapting their homes to make them more environmentally friendly and to reduce the cost of their energy bills   

  • Rated People analysed more than 1 million home improvement jobs posted by UK homeowners through its platform to conduct the research
  • 45% of homeowners in the UK are making their homes more environmentally friendly and energy efficient this year – a huge jump from 25% in 2022
  • One in 10 homeowners will install extra insulation this year
  • Demand for at-home electric car charging points has increased by 2406% and solar panels have seen demand go up by 222% over the past two years
  •  Saving money is homeowners’ top reason for installing eco improvements in 2023

As the cost-of-living crisis deepens and with energy prices still sky high, a new study from the find-a-tradesperson platform, Rated People reveals almost twice as many homeowners are installing ‘eco home improvements’ this year than in 2022, and ‘saving money on bills’ was the top reason given by homeowners for making the changes.

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The research is part of the newly launched 2023 edition of the Rated People Home Improvement Trends Report, which shows one in four (25%) homeowners made their homes more energy efficient and environmentally friendly last year, while in 2023, this increases considerably to almost one in two (45%).

To conduct the research, Rated People analysed around 1.1 million home improvement jobs posted through its platform by UK homeowners, and spoke to thousands of tradespeople and homeowners across the UK.  

The Rise In Demand For Eco Home Improvements

From extra insulation to solar panels – demand for many eco-home improvements has been rising considerably over the past two years as more homeowners realise how they can also help to save money on bills.

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When looking at the volume of home improvement jobs posted through Rated People by UK homeowners, the trades platform can reveal the top 10 eco adaptations that are seeing the biggest increase in homeowner demand. At-home electric car charging points have seen the biggest increase, with demand going up by a staggering 2406% in the last two years.

In second place are biomass boilers, with demand increasing by 225%. This type of heating system burns a renewable energy source and can reportedly save you up to £1,100 a year compared to an old electric heating system*. Energy-producing solar panels are in third position, with demand increasing by 222%. Demand for thermal insulation has gone up by 143% and triple glazing has increased by 125%.

The top 10 eco-home improvements with the biggest increase in demand

1. At-home electric car charging point+2406%
2. Biomass boiler+225%
3. Solar panels+222%
4. Thermal insulation+143%
5. Triple glazing+125%
6. External wall insulation+70%
7. Living roof+67%
8. Double glazing+12%
9. uPVC windows and doors+11%
10. Water underfloor heating+10%
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How Homeowners Are Saving Money With Eco Improvements

Half (50%) of UK homeowners who will be installing eco home improvements this year said saving money on their bills was their main motivator, and better insulation, reducing energy wastage and generating additional energy are the top ways homeowners are planning to reduce their energy bills in 2023.

One in five (21%) homeowners who will be installing eco improvements to save money this year will be installing draught-proofing. 19% are opting for solar panels and 19% will be installing insulation in the loft or roof.

 The top nine eco home improvements homeowners are installing in 2023 to reduce their bills

1. Draught proofing+21%
2. Solar panels+19%
3. Loft/roof insulation+19%
4. Triple glazing+15%
5. Double glazing+14%
6. Floor insulation+13%
7. Boiler upgrade+13%
8. Wall insulation+11%
9. Wind turbine+11%
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How Homeowners Are Renovating More Sustainably

Homeowners are also increasingly looking for ways to reduce the impact of their renovation work on the planet, from recycling waste to buying second-hand appliances.

In 2022, 36% of homeowners who did home improvements found ways to renovate more sustainably, and in 2023 this increases to 48%. Recycling waste instead of taking renovation rubbish straight to the tip was the biggest sustainable change. Homeowners also used eco-friendly materials, rented tools rather than buying new ones, and sold or donated old materials and appliances to reduce waste.

Top 10 ways homeowners made their home improvements more sustainable in 2022

1. Recycling waste instead of taking everything to the tip39%
2. Selling/ donating old fittings/ materials/ appliances to reduce waste29%
3. Used second-hand materials/ appliances / fittings25%
4. Reused existing materials, for example bricks24%
5. Buying more quality/ timeless fixtures/ fittings so they will last longer and not need to be replaced as often23%
6. Did a part update instead of a full rip out and refurbish23%
7. Used eco-friendly materials, for example eco paint20%
8. Used renewable materials16%
9. Used natural materials, for example bamboo13%
10. Renting tools rather than buying them12%

Adrienne Minster, CEO of Rated People commented: 

“Despite the news that April’s energy price cap isn’t increasing, the price of energy is still higher than ever. Now that the Energy Bills Support Scheme has come to an end too, it’s no surprise so many homeowners are looking to eco home improvements, like solar panels, to help reduce the cost of their  bills.

It’s also great to see how so many homeowners are improving the sustainability of the projects they are carrying out – this will help to reduce waste and  minimise the effects of renovation work on the planet, while also delivering cost savings.

At Rated People, we care about how home improvements are done so it’s fantastic to see  sustainability  becoming even more of a consideration this year.”

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