Posted 12 months ago

– Endura joins up with the world’s most fearless animal to help Brits stand up to badgering bosses – as research shows four out of five Brits (81%) spend some of their free time thinking about work1.

– The honey badger has held the title of ‘most fearless animal in the world’ for more than two decades, since it was named in the 2002 Guinness Book of World Records.

– As one of the UK’s leading cycling brands, Endura wants to encourage riders to enjoy the great outdoors to the maximum by clearing their minds from the worries of work.

Scottish cyclewear manufacturer Endura has acquired the help of honey badgers, Horace and Hilda, to suggest fearless out-of-office emails for workers. The service, which will aim to fend off badgering bosses, colleagues, and clients, has been launched on behalf of Brits spending too much of their free time thinking about work and less time playing on the pedals. 

The announcement comes in response to an Endura study that shows more than two thirds of UK office workers admitted to checking their work emails outside of hours1, with more than half (52%) wishing they were braver when it comes to ignoring work emails during free time1. The study also showed 63% feel the ‘always on’ work culture is damaging to their mental health1

Endura recognises that the last thing out-of-office workers want to receive during their time off is the dreaded ‘after work drinkie-poos’ invite or the lunchtime ‘pret-a-moo-moo’ email, unnecessarily putting work firmly back to the forefront of their thoughts. The service aims to stand up to the increasingly widespread expectation for employees to work around the clock. 

Having held the title of the world’s most fearless animal for over two decades, with a history of attacking lions and crocodiles, the honey badger’s courageousness in managing your out-of-office will eradicate cringeworthy inbox threats of this nature, supporting workaholic Brits to focus all their energy on the best of the UK’s mountain trails and terrain.

On the announcement, Noah Bernard, Brand Director, Endura, comments: “At Endura, we want to ensure customers’ minds are as clear as fresh mountain water in springtime when experiencing the great outdoors. When we discovered the extent to which work plays on people’s minds during free time, we asked ourselves, what kind of character can we seek help from to fearlessly take on such an issue? There was only one answer; honey badgers!” 

The Fear.Less honey badger concept was launched to celebrate the launch of a new range of Endura helmets in the US, with a hilarious ad that features a woodland confrontation between the creature and a rider. The rider eventually comes out on top, gaining a new sense of confidence from the quality of his Endura helmet, and taming the honey badger in the process.

Now, Endura has obtained the help of its new-found friends to help its riders tackle their most common fears and hopefully spend more time enjoying the best riding experiences that the UK has to offer. 

Honey badgers Horace and Hilda are available to support Brits with their out-of-office email responses today. All cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts need to do is email to receive their out-of-office message from an expert in fearlessness. 

On offering his help to Endura, Horace the honey badger said“As a honey badger, the two things that define me are giving zero f***ks and loving the great outdoors. Now I get to merge the two, by playing my part in allowing the brilliant Endura customers to enjoy the UK’s wonderful outdoor environment, all while standing up to irritating bosses and clients by telling them to do one!” 

While cyclists can now ride safe in the knowledge that their inboxes are protected, Endura is also ensuring its riders are kitted out in the toughest and most durable gear, giving them an added sense of fortitude to fear less. 

The brand believes that helmets are an integral part of rider safety, which is why it not only applies all its engineering knowledge to their development, but also works with some of the best expert technology partners around to ensure its helmets are second to none. With Endura’s support, riders have the power to overcome whatever the day’s ride throws at them, whether that be challenging hill climbs, tough terrain or even the odd honey badger! 

Customers that contact Endura’s honey badger email support service will receive an entry link to a prize draw, where one of ten £100 vouchers is available to spend on Endura’s market-leading cycling gear. Entries are open until 11:59PM on Friday 12th May.


1 OnePoll 2023: Survey from Endura taken of 2000 UK office workers