DuraOcean® from LifestyleGarden® – how one chair started a journey to save our oceans


Published July 12, 2021

Coming in our autumn edition, the story behind these beautiful eco friendly chairs!

https://www.lifestylegarden.com/duraocean/ – Source of information:

Tackling a worldwide issue, LifestyleGarden® is the proud producer of the DuraOcean® chair, an innovative product development that is breaking new ground by utilising recycled maritime plastic, to create the world’s first commercially available chair made with marine plastic waste, setting the benchmark for sustainable material usage and design.


At LifestyleGarden®, we understand that environmentally responsible initiatives are the only way to deliver innovative product development. DuraOcean® Chairs are a shining example of our commitment to sustainable development practices, manufactured from 100% recycled plastics recovered and safely processed; preventing the plastic from entering and polluting the Oceans.

Not only are the raw materials taken from recycled marine plastic, but the entire chair can be disassembled and recycled once again at the end of its lifecycle. The majority of the plastic is sourced from industrial ropes, which also provide the standard green DuraOcean® colour. We are continuously working to deliver more colours, all without compromise to the recycled material and further recyclability of the chair.