EARTH DAY 2022 – Launch Day for “Tool Kits For Eco Heroes” – by Its Our Planet Too.


Published April 22, 2022

The past few weeks we have been experiencing the wonderful “Tool Kits for Eco Heroes” I love to get crafty and do activities which help support saving our planet.

“Stand up for what you believe in!”

Make a Megaphone.

We made a wonderful Megaphone to shout and share to our farm friends that our voices need to be heard!

We begun by collecting pens and paper from our local neighbours and friends, to reuse and recycle materials we already have. I was donated this green paper by a friend and the pens were given to me from previous birthdays!
We outlined our megaphone on the green paper and cut out the shape adding our own design inside. Once you have finished designing the paper and cut it out, prepare to glue it into the megaphone shape!
I decorated my megaphone sharing who we are! The Eco News! We are always wanting to shout and scream about eco friendly businesses and how you can live sustainably.

“Just remember actions speak louder than words!” – Its Our Planet Too

Make your own Banana Bread.

After a few chocolate eggs this bank holiday I decided to make some Banana Bread ready for a healthier week, we never let our bananas go to waste, these only got brought yesterday but if we use some now we won’t have any left over by the end of the week.

The Tool Kit box contains this great home baking recipe for you to make your own bread! DO not let your bananas go to waste! 1.4 million bananas go in the bin everyday!

We have loved our sample box of the Tool Kit for Eco Heroes! Packed full of great activities and fun to help your children look after our planet this Earth Day 🌎⭐️

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