Eco Green Living launch new Bamboo biodegradable nappy range


Published September 29, 2022

Launching biodegradable, chemical and toxic free, environmental nappies into the UK. Using bamboo as the primary ingredient to produce the softest, most absorbent, and environmental nappies on the market. Supported by certified compostable nappy bags and compostable wipes, the Eco Boom nappy range is set to make direct changes to environmental buying behaviour in parenting.

The most essential component of a parent’s journey is to keep our baby safe, away from danger and away from chemicals. Typically, organic and chemical free choices are a priority. On average, a baby goes through 4,000 disposable nappies before they reach their first birthday. With approximately 625,000 babies born last year in the UK alone, the combined total of disposable nappies used by babies aged one and under is almost 3 billion. That’s for one year only.

Once used and disposed of the nappies end up in landfill where it can take up to 500 years to decompose, all while emitting harmful greenhouse gases such as methane.

Eco Green Living are proud to be combatting against plastic waste and are extremely thrilled to partner with Eco Boom, launching an eco-alternative nappy which is certified biodegradable, giving babies the best natural start in life. This means the nappy will degrade in at least 75 days – a huge contrast in comparison to regular disposable nappies. Julie Cook, manager at Eco Green Living, speaks with excitement regarding the new product, “bamboo is an underrated material to be working with, naturally organic, regrowth is fast and with lots of amazing benefits – unlike cotton. I am so excited for this product range. There is simply no need for the historic standard disposable products to be on shelf, it must stop, and we are launching this range in partnership with Eco Boom to challenge the status quo. “

Made using bamboo, which is 7 times more durable, absorbent, and softer than cotton – these nappies are naturally hypoallergenic and free of any harmful chemicals therefore suitable for the most sensitive of skins. Packed with naturally occurring Aloe oil to keep the babies’ skin soft and delicate, preventing any rash or irritation that would usually occur with regular nappies.

Due to the vast amount of bamboo available and the speed in which it replenishes, it is fantastic for naturally lowering CO2 gases and generating 30% more oxygen than trees. Eco Green Living are always striving to lower their carbon emissions by planting a tree for every purchase made.

Complementary to this product, Eco Green Living also has compostable nappy bags, bamboo baby wipes, and sanitary pads available for purchase.