ENCHANTED WOODLAND RETREAT From Saturday 30th September until Thursday 5th October.


Posted 10 months ago

From Saturday 30th September until Thursday 5th October, The Psychedelic Society (https://psychedelicsociety.org.uk/) will host Enchanted Woodland Retreat, a 6 days journey delving into the wondrous realm of the mycelial world and immersing in the captivating woodland setting of Cae Mabon (https://www.caemabon.co.uk/) in Snowdonia, where nature’s magic awaits.

Guests will experience the fungal realm in all its glory by getting up close and personal with the many mushroom species that grow in the woods, forging an intimate bond with the mystical Amanita Muscaria mushroom, uncovering its hidden secrets in a safe and nurturing environment. 

Amanita Dreamer, world renowned researcher and speaker, is one of the facilitators who willshare her wealth of knowledge, providing invaluable insights on how to find, prepare, and work with this magical and mysterious mushroom.

Activities will include a special Amanita Drumming Ceremony, sweatlodge Ceremony, forest foraging, sacred rituals, dancing, hiking, wild swimming, meditation and much more, with like-minded human beings and nature lovers in a magical setting that will ignite your soul and uplift your spirit

The dates has been carefully selected to coincide with the peak of mushroom fruiting season, so there’s high chances of encountering the magnificent Amanita Muscaria in its natural habitat.