From the farm to your home, the organic fruit & vegetable delivery service from Organibox.


Published August 29, 2022

From the farm to your home, the organic fruit & vegetable delivery service from Organibox looks set to shake up the marketplace

Organibox, the 100% organic fruit & vegetable, UK-wide delivery box service, looks set to become a standout challenger brand as it promises to deliver the freshest, tastiest and healthiest produce.

Organibox’s Eat Well, Feel Good ethos caters for a growing customer base across the country whose taste buds and moral compass are pointing them in the direction of organic produce.

From £19, UK consumers can choose to have organic fruits, organic vegetables or mixed organic fruit and vegetable boxes delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly all with free UK-wide delivery.

The founding partners of Organibox know the organic fruit & vegetable business inside and out having gained more than 70 years in the industry between them. Their generations of experience have taught them the value of doing things right. This means providing the best 100% organic produce, the fairest relationship with farmers, the least environmental impact and the most positive impact on others.

Tony Berry, founder of Organibox, comments: “Organibox is the closest British customers can get to walking up a farm track, shaking hands with the grower and coming home with an armful of freshly- picked produce for dinner.

“During our time in the fruit & veg trade we’ve noticed an opportunity to do things differently. For the benefit of our customers, the farmers and the environment, we’ve pared-down and stripped back the supply chain. This means, in some cases, we can take our organic produce from our farmers’ fields and deliver them to your home in two days. You’ll be hard pushed to find fresher than that!”

Organibox’s ethos is driven by ethnicity. The company is passionate about organic produce and works in harmony with nature to bring its customers the best, seasonal produce but its focus on the environment doesn’t stop there. From day one it has pledged to never use plastics; all its packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable and it never uses air freight. Green credentials were also top of the priority list when selecting a logistics partner and DHL was chosen based on its environmental drive as well as its high approval rating on Trustpilot.

Given Organibox’s support of organic farming, soil is important to the start-up business. It has specifically chosen to use unbleached packaging and environmentally sound printing to make its boxes compostable. Together with vegetable and fruit peelings, customers can tear up their Organibox and place it in their home compost heap. It was these levels of consideration, together with the businesses farming family’s commitment to organic farming methods, that gained Organibox accreditation with the Soil Association. The leading organic certifier, the Soil Association is the charity that digs deeper to transform the way we eat, farm and care for our natural world.

Tony adds: “When starting Organibox we were acutely aware of consumers’ growing desire to eat organic produce and we believe there are three factors involved in the decision to shop organically; Cost, Convenience and Conscience.

“Firstly, from a cost perspective, we know Organibox offers genuine value for money as we regularly compare our prices to the supermarkets to ensure they’re on point. We offer free home delivery, anywhere across the UK mainland, so we’re ticking the convenience box and finally doing the right thing is important to us, in every aspect of our business. Our ethical efforts aren’t a gimmick or greenwashing. They stack up, stand up and are scrutinised at every turn which should be massively appealing to UK shoppers.

“As well as passionately championing our environmental endeavours, we also firmly believe everybody should have the opportunity to eat healthily and well. But until that happens, we’re proud to support Food Banks across the UK. This means every time you buy an Organibox, or better still subscribe to our regular deliveries, we’ll donate 50 pence to The Trussell Trust. Our founding principle is to provide good quality food as well as to give back – that’s where our motto Eat Well, Feel Good comes from.”

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