Ganddee Goes Nationwide – The Sustainability App Empowering Conscious Consumerism


Posted 2 weeks ago

A new mobile app called Ganddee is on a mission to reshape shopping and make
sustainable living accessible. Initially launched in London, the startup has now expanded its sustainability map across the UK.
Ganddee allows users to easily discover and support local ethical businesses, from charity shops to plastic-free grocers, passing by rental shops or vegan restaurants. The app features over 2,200 vetted sustainable businesses nationwide. It works much like Google Maps. Simply open Ganddee and search for what you need – clothes, restaurants, household items. The app will return relevant businesses nearby.
Users can view each shop’s sustainability credentials with one click. Ganddee also provides exclusive discounts and deals to make conscious consumption rewarding. The app is community-powered. Users can recommend their favourite ethical retail business to be added. Ganddee’s team vets each suggestion before publishing listings.

This crowdsourced model enables the platform to rapidly map shops that care about people, planet and profits – everywhere. Ganddee aims to reshape spending by directing more foot traffic towards purpose-driven brands. Whether reducing personal waste or shrinking collective environmental impact, Ganddee believes small daily choices can lead to big change.
The startup seeks to bust myths that sustainability is expensive or inaccessible. Their goal is to empower people across the UK to find and support ethical alternatives.
Ganddee is founded by two engineers with many years of experience in startups and in e-commerce giants like Amazon. The founders are on a mission to close the gap between consumers and the impact of their purchases. By making mindful spending simple, they hope to catalyse a larger transition to a sustainable economy.
Following the appʼs successful launch in London, Ganddee now covers all of Britain and welcomes suggestions from every part of the country to refine their directory of shops.
As Ganddee’s community grows, they plan to reshape consumption globally by inspiring and enabling conscious consumerism worldwide