Get the Bower App to cash in when you recycle!


Posted 1 year ago

As part of an on-going sustainability drive, The Somerset Toiletry Co. (STC) is the first UK company to partner with ‘Bower’, an innovative app rewarding customers for their recycling efforts. Anyone can use the Bower app, but STC customers will receive extra points for recycling their toiletries correctly, which can be converted into cash vouchers or charity donations. 

As a company who produce consumer goods, STC have been focusing on their development process over recent years to ensure their packaging is environmentally friendly, recyclable and contains recycled content. However, the Bower partnership will encourage customers to responsibly dispose of their packaging after using products.

An established British brand, STC are keen to  support a circular economy, as less energy is required (reducing carbon emissions) to produce goods with recycled materials with less of an impact on the earth’s natural resources.   

How it works

It’s simple, quick process to set up the app and scan products as you recycle them:

  1. Download the Bower app on your mobile device 
  2. Register the location of your recycling bins
  3. Scan the barcodes of your used, empty products when you recycle
  4. Collect rewards on the app

About Bower 

Bower is a certified B Corp, embracing a new kind of business, balancing profit with people and the planet with the intention of building an inclusive and sustainable economy that works for everyone. They are also a member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation helping to build a circular economy and a better system to help fight climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution. Bower has been operating in Sweden since 2019. The scheme’s success in the Nordics has resulted in +450k users and +46m packages recycled so far.