Published March 20, 2022

A wide range of strong, sustainable and biodegradable bamboo golf tees!

Leading the field in promoting sustainability on the golf course, innovative golf brand Green Swing possess a genuine passion to invoke change and positively impact the industry with its extensive range of bamboo golf tees.

As golfers and explorers at heart, Green Swing offer an impressive alternative to plastic and is actively encouraging consumers to make the switch, eventually eliminating the need for plastic tees. By looking to the future of golf, Green Swing’s purpose promotes a more inclusive, diverse sport, recognising that change is required, and the game is evolving.

Based in the UK, Green Swing is a startup born from a change in focus for its founder, entrepreneur Tim McManus, after experiencing redundancy in 2020. He launched the company soon after and sold the first box in August of that year.

Tim McManus, founder says: “We are committed to making a change, for the better. Green Swing is built on the principles of offering products that serve a true purpose. We also recognise that everyone plays the game differently so we have gone to great lengths to bring an extensive range to the game – for golfers it can be a lucky or trusted tee to hit that cracking drive. We hope Green Swing will now fill that space as we make no compromise on quality while being focused on sustainability.”

Green Swing have invested heavily in customised designs, and unique styling to bring a collection of forward-thinking bamboo golf tees to the game, that are instantly recognisable, making the change from plastic easier than ever. From Classic to Castle, 25mm through to 83mm, its design caters for every golfer and every game. From keen to fair-weather golfers, from experienced to brand new players taking their first trip around the course: everyone is considered.

The environmental consequences of our addiction to plastic are massive. The production and distribution of plastic have a huge carbon footprint, which is exacerbated because so many plastic products are designed to be disposable, and are destined for the landfill after just one use. A 2015 study estimated that 90% of the world’s seabirds and 25% of fish contain plastic in their stomachs. By 2050 we expect to see more plastic in our oceans than fish. The more people that wake up to the issues of plastic pollution, the greater the impact of positive action.*

Bamboo grows at an accelerated rate, taking only a few months to reach maturity. It absorbs higher levels of CO2, which in turn gives a greater purpose to grow and cultivate it. Bamboo is tougher than wood counterparts – this makes it well suited to becoming a golf tee, great at holding the ball and each tee should last longer. It is biodegradable, which means it is able to be broken down over time and avoid becoming pollution.

n addition to this, Green Swing products are packaged in an unbleached kraft box which is 100% recyclable, fits neatly in the bag and also makes for sustainable gifting.

“Green Swing is focused on the future of golf, and we have a genuine ambition to disrupt the current status quo. With continued investment, our range is now available across Europe and in the USA with developments well underway for additional products to cover the wider game.” – Tim McManus


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