Griffin & Sinclair Furniture celebrates ‘50 Years in the Making’ exhibition!


Posted 2 weeks ago

Tucked away in the rural countryside of north Nottinghamshire, a small family business has been quietly working away on piece after piece of beautifully designed, meticulously made furniture. In the 50 years since the business was first started, the skilled designer-makers at Griffin & Sinclair have created a vast range of furniture. Their work graces homes, offices, religious settings and museums around the United Kingdom and even reaches in to Asia, Australia, America and Europe.

Started by Lee & Jill Sinclair in 1974, the company was taken on by their daughter Rosalind and her partner Daniel in 2013. The new partnership have been at the helm for 11 years now which takes Griffin & Sinclair through the incredible milestone of 50 years in business and into an exciting future.
This exhibition is a short look back at the roots of the company and where it all started, a look at the significant points throughout the last 50 years, and how the second generation of designer-makers are bringing the business forward into the next chapter.

Environmental Champions – Finalist for the Newark Business awards 2024.

Central to their legacy is a steadfast commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Each piece of furniture is meticulously considered and beautifully made to ensure that the precious materials are not wasted. Over the last 50 years so many pieces of furniture made by Griffin & Sinclair have been coveted by the initial client, and consequently taken in as a treasured heirloom by the next generation.

Every offcut of timber is utilised in making smaller pieces of work, or into the log burners to keep the workshop and office warm. Spare sawdust is donated to local equestrian outfits, or given away for other uses such as mushroom farming and vegetable growers. Any spare boards and timber are donated to local good causes such as ‘Men In Sheds’ projects, charities and schools.
Since 2014 a tree is dedicated to each new client via The Woodland Trust and The National Forest, with more than 100 trees planted to date.
As Griffin & Sinclair celebrates its 50th anniversary, the company reaffirms its commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and sustainability. With an eye towards the future, they remain poised to continue their legacy of excellence for generations to come.

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