Happy Eco Valentines Day! By The Eco News


Posted 2 months ago

Simple but effective options by The Eco News, learn how to make a difference this valentines day. Be more planet concious in your decisions for 2024!


1. Skip the Cards – simply save that paper waste, or why not purchase a card you can plant? The market is now huge for sharing items made from seeded paper. Check out some of our favourites!

Gifts & Cards – A La KArt Creations, the Home of Plantable Products and the Knowledge Hive

Buy online eco-friendly, unique plantable greeting cards & stationery (theseedcardcompany.com)

2. Make your own gifts – now we can all put our crafting caps on and think of something to make. Simply bake your own cakes, make your own presents and even decorate your own plantable card.

Spoil your partner with a romantic dinner at home

3. Purchase gifts with only sustainable values – lots of options here for eco valentines gifts online! see a couple of our favourites

Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas | Eco Gifts (protecttheplanet.co.uk)

Vegan Gifts | Eco, Sustainable, Ethical & Sent In Plastic Free Packaging (peacewiththewild.co.uk)

Eco Friendly & Sustainable Gifts | Green Tulip Ethical Gifts

4. Support Fair Trade chocolate – purchase your chocolate with Fair Trade certification, use the website to find your correct supply! Chocolate – Fairtrade Foundation

5. Dine at your local restaurants or cafes. Support your local community, if its a pub, restaurant or cafe – make your dining experience have an impact on your local area, which makes you feel good for making a difference to support those who are trying to support your community.