How to support eco-friendly nonprofits at your wedding


Posted 1 year ago

For the eco-conscious couple, a wedding offers the perfect opportunity to give back. With plenty of support from family and friends, large sums of money can be raised, and awareness spread for the organisations that do great things for the environment. In this guide, we take a look at a few of the simple ways that you can best support eco-friendly nonprofits at your wedding.

Ask for donations instead of wedding gifts

You may find that your guests present you with gifts at your wedding that you don’t necessarily need or use. While this may be thoughtful of them, it makes for a whole lot of unnecessary purchasing and potential waste – exactly the sort of thing that we want to steer clear of when trying to be eco-conscious.

To avoid such unwanted gifts, consider naming some eco-friendly nonprofits on your wedding invitations that your guests can donate to instead. This is a great way to not only ensure that your chosen charities are supported, but to also spread awareness about the work that they do. You could even set up a fundraising page online, or a website through which your guests can make their donations for ease and convenience.

Choose vendors that give back

It’s important to shop around when choosing your various wedding suppliers to ensure that the money that you spend will be going towards eco-friendly practices. Ideally, you’ll find a venue that does its bit to regularly donate, or partners with other eco-friendly vendors that do their bit for nonprofits in the area.

If it’s tricky to find suppliers that give back, you can always make an effort to choose companies that do so inadvertently. This could look like purchasing decor that is made from eco-friendly materials, and avoiding ones that are harmful to the environment. Similarly, you can choose to recycle your chosen wedding decorations by donating them to nonprofits after your wedding – as well as your wedding dress or tux, and other supplies.

Make it a theme

For couples open to reducing the environmental impact of their special day, a sustainable themed wedding is a great opportunity to offer support to nonprofits. To make your theme a success and to get your guests talking about the cause, you could set up information stands throughout your venue. Not only will this educate your guests on the importance of eco-friendly practices, but it will also equip them with some top tips for giving back.

For couples looking to inject a bit of fun into the day, an auction as a form of wedding entertainment is a great way to raise funds and gain attention for your chosen charities. Similarly, you could consider hosting a fundraising event in the lead up to your wedding, perhaps in place of an engagement party or bridal shower.


There are plenty of ways to support eco-friendly nonprofits on your wedding day. In fact, this day provides a wonderful chance to do so, with all the people that you care about coming together in order to celebrate and support your union, as well as the causes that you care about.