How you can make your business more sustainable? by Bull & Wolf Film Co


Posted 1 year ago

For those who have an e-commerce business, it can seem like a fairly simple process to become more sustainable. However, should you own a business that doesn’t trade goods, you may not have sustainability on your mind, or even know where to begin when it comes to making sustainable options.

Bull & Wolf Film Co. are a leading video production agency based in Penryn that help brands and businesses across the UK get the most from social video. Their founder, Joe Turnbull, chooses the sustainable option wherever possible and aims to go above and beyond when it comes to reducing their carbon footprint. We spoke to them to find out how businesses can be more sustainable.

Sustainable space

Bull & Wolf currently take up residence at their office space in Jubilee Warehouse. Not only is the building beautifully designed, but it was also the winner of Cornwall Sustainability Awards Best Retro Fit 2015.

Those renting an office space can monitor their electricity usage, there’s a space to charge electric cars, and the building uses rainwater for toilet flushes. It also uses solar panels for the building’s energy and even when electricity is sourced from the grid, it’s 100% renewable.

This just goes to show that every element of your business can be reimagined in a sustainable way. If you begin with your building, you will ultimately end up reducing your environmental impact.

Motivate your clients

The video production company is part of Ecologi’s climate positive workforce. Not only do they try to offset all the carbon of their workforce at work but also in their personal lives. And they don’t stop there.

The team plants 100 trees for every new project they begin and give their clients an opportunity to match their 100 trees or plant their own.

By bringing this offer to the table, clients are more likely to participate in the scheme, leading to more sustainability all around.

If you’re looking to start an initiative such as this at your place of work, then encourage your clients to join in too. Not only will this help your cause but it can also be a unique selling point for your business.

Get the team involved

Get everyone in your business to participate in going green. There are obvious choices such as ensuring that there are recycling bins and encouraging employees to cycle to work. However, you can also collaborate with your team further to become a more sustainable business.

If your business is predominantly online, you can even use green web hosting services. Websites use lots of energy, and the servers of the website are constantly on. Luckily, you can choose where your data is stored. Research your options and you will be able to find a sustainable one that suits your businesses needs.

Explore your paths to sustainability

There are lots of different paths to sustainability, and it’s up to you to determine which works for your business. If you are struggling to think of ways to become more sustainable, organise a team meeting where you can all discuss your ideas. Remember, your team is your greatest asset and by working together we can all reach for a more sustainable future.