“I make Sustainable Cardboard Lighting” created by Tabitha Bargh


Published June 6, 2022

Hi, I’m Tabitha Bargh and I make sustainable cardboard lighting.

As a student my desk was packed with egg boxes, paper and card. I loved creating the unexpected from materials most people might throw away.

By the time I went to work in a lighting shop after college, I’ll admit my love for cardboard was bordering on the obsessive! I decided to create my own cardboard lighting, layering the material by hand to make a stunning pattern of light and dark.

Since then I’ve created a range of cardboard lampshades with a focus on craftsmanship, hand-making and sustainability. I use non toxic, biodegradable glue, source local, FSC certified materials and recycle whatever I don’t use.

I love to elevate the ordinary into something new and hand-make products that are so precise they might even have been mass produced. To me, this is the design of the future; surprising, covetable and completely sustainable.


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