International Day of Forests


Published March 21, 2022

International Day of Forests is a day to raise awareness of the significance of all types of forests. This day is a reminder to us all and to remember the value of our forests.

Walking the world, we think it is important to understand the eco systems and it is great to learn more as you wander through our amazing environments.

Did you know our forestry is broken down into layers? Each layer symbolises the difference in eco systems as you look up to the top of the trees.


The forest floor is the lowest layer of the chart, where it is dark, hot, and damp. Only two per cent of sunlight gets through the thick tall trees and low growing woodland plants to reach the forest floor.


Above the floor is the understory, a layer made up of young trees, species of trees which are very small in height, shrubs, and soft-stemmed plants. The understory varies a lot from rainforest to rainforest.


The canopy layer is made up of the overlapping leaves, shrubs, branches of the trees of the rainforest. Scientists give us an estimate that 60-90% of life in all rainforests can be found in the canopy layer, making it the richest habitat for plant growth and animal life.


The very top! Is called an emergent layer. This layer receives sunlight every day and plenty of rain but is also very windy. The tallest trees sit above every other plant species. Animals do live in this layer, such as monkeys and birds.

Forests contain many species of trees; did you know the world has over 60,000 types and it is important to keep the species at an all-time high (we can’t have too many!). Trees play a very important part to us for health, environmentally and for our eco systems.

On your next nature walk, visit a local forest and see if you can divide the layers you have just learnt. Look for those hiding woodland plants and see if you can spot birds hiding high up in the trees.

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