LAUNCH DAY!  “I Used to Think Vegans Were Dicks!” – a new book available on Amazon Prime.


Posted 1 year ago

“I write from the less ordinary perspective of having spent my twenties living in the woods (this is not an exaggeration – I slept on the forest floor, under a tarp, no tent) working for Ray Mears as a bushcraft and survival instructor.”

Ever been bored by ecology? Ever felt vegan curious? Ever thought vegans were dicks?

I Used to Think Vegans Were Dicks is the book about the climate emergency for the people who wouldn’t be caught dead reading such bollocks.

Earth is dying and it’s our own silly fault. Talking seriously about the end of the world is dangerously ineffective – it’s time we laughed to keep from weeping. It might even be time for us to all go vegan…

The Eco News – Review.

Starting with with the Quote of the day for me! “People aren’t so keen to read about the end of the world but they bloody love seeing the word dick, in print, and vegan bashing.”

This book covers so many area and aspects to the world we live in, from how we are polluting the world in many ways to Food Waste and how even Deliveroo and Just Eat are just as much to blame…

My most interesting fact find so far has been to find out, did you know Miami is sinking! There is so much in this world that is happening around us but the facts and knowledge are not huge, public or shouted about. Surely a sinking city is a problem right?

To top off any help and the best part of any story you read, it gives you an insight to SIMPLE ways you can help, how you can make a difference and why not read these books instead of wasting your time following fake trends and sharing moments on socials and instead make history.

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