Miss Eco U.K. – Another wonderful finalist!


Published July 13, 2021

Here at The Eco News we spend every day supporting ANYONE who is doing their bit for our wonderful planet earth.

Meet @peculiarmademoiselle_cosi another finalist to the Miss Eco UK Pageant!

“Hello my name is Akosua Darko

I’m a finalist for Miss Eco UK 2021. I joined the contest to promote sustainability, saving the planet and show how the natural world is the best provider of beauty products, medicines, body health and an oasis for mental wellbeing. Sheer Butter and Aloe Vera have done wonders for my ezecma, skin, natural hair, and walks in nature really soothe my anxiety disorder, having being diagnosed with PCOS I had to look at healthier less processed food options and can testify healthy eating makes my body healthier and makes me feel more energised. These are just examples of how nature has blessed me. I think it’s important to educate on the benefits saving our planet through sustainable fashion and beauty has for us. I managed to raise 145 pounds last year, each 50 p went to planting a tree. I’m looking for paid sponsorship for my Miss Eco UK campaign the final is on 7/8/ 2021, please dm me if you would like to hear more. Thank you 🌱🌱”