New Eco-Friendly Toy Brand – Pack A Range – As Seen On BBC


Published January 26, 2022

We have recently seen the launch of Pack A Range, a new business striving to create a marketplace of sustainable plastic free toys and crafts all with the ethos build, play, learn!

The company behind the idea, Mauveworx, was one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of PPE Face shields for the NHS during the Covid crisis, all produced from their factory in Ferndown.

Their Managing Director, James Martin, was to all too aware that the necessity to protect the nation quickly, and in large numbers, was resulting in an unfortunate rapid rise in single use plastic waste around the world. The saving of lives at this time became a priority, sadly to the detriment of the planet. This wasn’t sitting easy, and the father of 5 who, also frustrated with the amount of plastic toys building up around his home, decided to take matters into his own hand and create a solution to the problem.

Amazing idea for your Eco Kids

Says James, “after observing our own consumption of plastic through toys I did a bit of research to understand the issue better. The toy market is $20bn a year industry, of which 90% contains plastic. Unlike single use plastics, such as drink bottles, the toy market is not geared towards recycling with most ending up in oceans or landfill. Also, a recent study of 2000 parents found that 25% admitted to throwing away plastic toys that were in perfect working order. These alarming figures compelled me to take urgent action, which would enable a way for playtime to not only be fun, but also eco-friendly”.

So the Mauveworx Products division started a journey to create Pack A Range, toys to build, play and learn from, all striving to be plastic free. Not only have they designed products in-house such as Pack A Den, Pack A Desk, Colour-In Castle and Cardboard Castle, they have also built upon their collection of products from like-minded brands who share the same sustainable ethos. Catching the attention news outlets such as the BBC, Pack A Range are becoming the destination for sustainable and ethical toys.

“We were keen to provide a range of different products to appeal to different ages (3 to teens) and different budgets (£5.00 – £50.00), to allow plenty of choice. Whether you’d like a T Rex Mask, a DIY Wooden Model Musical Box, a den to play and colour in, or an educational 3D map of the universe, we offer a very diverse range of toys to suit many tastes”.

After seeing great success, Pack A Range has now extended to The Toy Tribe where they aim to create a community of gather like-minded, eco individuals to join us in making a difference, to help save our planet and animals! One change at a time. Those who sign-up (for free) will get exclusive access to fun and educational tips, recommendations of eco activities, invites to family-friendly events that help the wider community and more!

Check out the range of products on, or follow on all social media @packarange

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