Published June 20, 2022

Bulgarian Skincare Brand, Mazillo, Brings Tradition to the 21st Century with Plant Stem Cell Technology

Childhood best friends Mihaela Donska and Yoana Radeva founded Mazillo in December 2021, inspired by the history and folklore of their homeland, Bulgaria. The two grew up together, seeing their grandmothers prepare local remedies and hearing the legends behind them. They wanted to bring these forgotten practices to the 21st Century. Using cutting-edge techniques, including plant stem cells developed by a group of Bulgarian scientists, the pair have created potent and effective formulas. They’re now on a mission to tackle the fleeting nature of skincare fads by reviving, elevating, and sharing ancient wisdom.

The emerging brand sells a 5-step skincare routine based on traditional recipes. Just under 90% of their formulas contain local ingredients, some of which are exclusive to the region. To take these beloved botanicals to a new level, they’ve embraced modern skincare science. Research shows that the stem cells in plants stimulate better cell turnover, repairing skin that has been exposed to harmful environmental factors. Take the Orpheus flower, for example. This plant can only be found in the Rhodope mountains in Bulgaria and is believed to have survived over 20 million years thanks to its ability to endure long periods without water. As a result, its cells have a proven skin lifting effect and decrease pigmentation. This is one of Mazillo’s many unique ingredients and can be found in their Replenishing Moisturiser.

Whilst the skincare industry is infamous for introducing new ‘must-have’ ingredients that quickly go out of fashion, Mazillo innovates by improving what already works. ‘We look backward to move forwards’ explains Mihaela, ‘by appreciating the true genius of the past, we can steer our communities into the future’. Yoana emphasises that respecting the environment is also central to this mission: ‘just as ancient wisdom was passed on to us, we want to be able to pass on nature’s resources to future generations. By using local ingredients we’re reducing our carbon footprint’. Though the brand is only 5 months old, its formulas are far from a fad. It’s science-backed skincare that has passed the test of time.

About: Born and formulated in Bulgaria, Mazillo is a female-owned skincare brand inspired by folklore, led by

nature, and informed by science.

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