Nothing essential about essential oils 


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This articles information / inspiration from April Graham 

Throughout mankind’s  history, we have a tendency to seek out a magical miracle potion in the hope for an instant cure. Whether it be from allopathic medicines or ‘alternative’ methods , humans understandably are drawn to convenience and look for easy fixes that they can  understand and suit their busy lifestyles. ‘Convenience kills ‘ some people say and later when we find out these ‘ miraculous ‘ potions can be dangerous, this makes a lot of sense!

Like some tragic story played out again and again the grandchildren of eras usually suffer the effects of our own willful ignorance and have no doubt that essential oils will be the same.

Many  ‘eco environmental ’ people cannot bear to criticise essential oils . Haven’t we learnt anything ?Just because a product is not prescribed by NHS and is made by a small family organisation does not make it unquestionable.

Tea tree essential oil in a small bottle. Selective focus. nature.

Let’s be open to learning more information before we consider

1 Plants defence mechanism 

Plants  produce oils that  act as a natural defense mechanism against insects , like natures natural pesticide. The The Oil equals acts as a poison  to insects 

As a plant grows it stores its own ‘’waste” within itself , unlike us humans plants can’t eliminate or detoxify. Essential oils  are often the waste products produced by the plant.

 2 One  drop of Essential Oil = One hundred forty two cups of tea!

 When bottled for human use, essential oils are highly concentrated. For this reason, it is important to be aware that using essential oils is very different from using the whole plant material and only a small amount is necessary to induce an extremely powerful benefit. 

Would you set down and willfully consume 63 pounds of peppermint leaf? 

It takes 63 pounds of peppermint leaf to make ONLY 5ML bottle of “essential oils”.

 There are 20 drops in a milliliter so 20 x 5ml = 100 drops

so just for fun lets see how much peppermint you would have to consume in one individual setting to match up to one singular drop of peppermint “essential oil”.

63 pounds divided by 100.= 0.63 pounds.

How does settling down and eating over half a pound of fresh peppermint sound? Still crazy? Because that’s how much you would have to consume in a single setting to EVER naturally encounter one drop worth of peppermint “essential oil”.

How many cups of tea you would have to drink to match that amount!

An average  peppermint tea bag has 2 grams of dried plant matter in it. You use one tea bag per cup of water.

Are you ready for this?

There are 285.76 grams in 0.63 pounds. 

285.76 divided by 2 = 142.88

So ONE DROP of peppermint “essential oil” is equivalent to 142 cups of peppermint tea drank in a single setting.

This does not change per company no matter how “ethical” or “small” “family run” the company is.

3 Salicylates and Fragrances

Perfume – fragranced products can cause symptoms of food intolerance due to inhaled or absorbed artificial  salicylates.

Salicylates are also present in their natural form in plants. Salicylic acid  protects plants from pests. They act as a pesticide , it is their natural defence. 

Salicylates can be readily absorbed through the skin and can also be inhaled through strong scents like essential oils. Many essential oils happen to be very high in Salicylates 

Some people are more sensitive to salicylates than others and Salicylate Intolerance is becoming more widespread. Sensitive people include those with Autism, Asthma and those with Gut issues.

4 Killing hands on herbalism & ancestor knowledge 

In the current “herbalism” trend  there are thousands of people putting a drop of this, a drop of that, into some oil and beeswax or what have you and Ta Da, a cure all for xyz has been made. But at what cost does this convenience come?

I suspect the price is a rampant loss of connection to the land, respect for the plants, respect for our environment, the further loss of ancestral knowledge of plant based healing.  The death of knowledge and health go hand in hand and both die under the heal of one thing and one thing alone Convenience.

5 “But the Egyptians used them” is what so many people will claim

 Yes Egyptians  did use essential oils , but for the dead not the living . Egyptians used essential oils for mummifying royalty , in the dry conditions Essential oils helped to prevent the flesh from rotting (again like a natural pesticide) 

Definitely not intended for daily use.

6 Essential Oils are no better than someone wearing fragrance

Essential oils emit many of the same toxic gases as synthetic fragrances. These chemical emissions are toxic to everyone in different ways. 

No immediate reaction doesn’t mean they are safe as they add to your toxic load advancing your progression. It’s not a matter of IF you react it’s WHEN.

 7 Second hand ‘Essential Oils ‘

Essential Oils “scent” alone is strong enough to kill your gut flora. 

People think Essential Oils are only dangerous when taken internally and safe when inhaled or safe used on skin etc…However  we already know that tobacco is harmful when inhaled by others

When you breathe in Essential Oils, smoke, whatever, it is absorbed into your blood via your lungs.  Second hand smoke…second hand Essential Oils’s the same principal.

 Breathing in Essential Oils refined volatile oils kills your gut health just as much as ingestion does , because they are so strong in their refined state they are indeed powerful antibacterials. Ingesting them in any manner is not much different than ingesting antibiotics that kill off all of your gut flora.

8 Regulations 

Since “essential oils” are not regulated by in ANY WAY they do not have to disclose this information to you in ANY WAY.

9 Health Problems linked to Essential Oils

Some  Essential Oils are hormone disruptors , linked to breast cancer ,injured babies in mother’s wombs and can even cause seizures. 

Analyzing 350 seizure cases, researchers found that 15.7% of seizures may have been induced by inhalation, of essential oils. 

After stopping use of Essential oils, the vast majority did not experience another seizure.