Our Queen. Thank you.


Published September 17, 2022

Our Queen. Thank you 💚

We can thank her for many changes across our climate, we can thank her for the support she believed in.

The Queen adored our planet and the planet respected her 💚 she will be missed, her love for planting trees and caring for our wildlife and nature! Here’s a few little favourites of mine…

Image Source – https://www.rct.uk/queen-elizabeth-II

Queen Elizabeth Calls Climate Change Inaction “Irritating”

Our Queen done her upmost best to support our planet, did you know she tackled the Great Smog?

What was the Great Smog?

The Queen took to the throne, she knew there were already signs of climate stress in the UK and she worked hard to bring our beautiful country back to life. Ten months into her reign, in December 1952, the Great Smog developed across London.

The severe effects led to the first major piece of environmental legislation for Queen Elizabeth. She introduced the Clean Air Act in July 1956 and aimed to reduce the air pollution effects from coal burning and industrial working.

The Queen Planted Trees everywhere she sent!

Extensive tree planting was taken place within the Royal Gardens, the Queen herself planted oak trees for each of her four children. She committed to her travels and implemented tree planting into many of her events. The Royals are highly known for working hard on wildlife conversation.

Protect our Bees.

In Spring 2009 two Italian honey bee hives were introduced into the Royal Gardens of Buckingham Palace. A perfect and protected location for the bees and plenty of surrounding wildlife and wildflowers for them to forage.

The British monarch criticized world leaders who “talk” but “don’t do.”

COP26 Glasgow

The Queen was irritated by this event, the lack of support and much talk but not much evidence to support the climate change summit. She made it clear in her speech that the event was not driving enough for our planet to be saved.

She banned herself wearing Fur.

Most outfits throughout the Royal Wardrobe was finished with a touch of fur. In 2019 the Queen banned fur from her wardrobe and she particularly made it clear any fur would be fake or reused from previous garments she owned.

Our Queen, The Woman of Superpowers. God bless.

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