Plantable Christmas Gifts!


Posted 2 years ago

A La KArt Creations offers eco-friendly, plantable Christmas gifts for you and your loved ones, all in mind to support our bee population. Browse within the range of cards, seed bombs, gift tags, and calendars. Christmas has never been more green!

My Mission – by La Kart Creations.

Hi I’m Kitti – Founder of A La KArt Creations. I’m dedicated to providing unique, eco-friendly products, using sustainable and recyclable resources in all aspects. All of my products are made by using recycled and plant-based materials and are posted using fully recycled packaging.

I want to live a more conscious, sustainable life and with this in mind, I had started to get frustrated with the number of cards that end up in the bin. I started to look into an eco-friendly option, which led me to plantable paper embedded with wildflower seeds.

I’m constantly thinking of developing new products so I can offer a wide variety of plantable products for people who are looking for an eco-friendly gift to give with the aim of supporting our bee population. Last June I started to make my own wildflower seed bombs, which make the perfect birthday and Christmas gift as well as baby shower or wedding favours.


I find it amazing that after you are finished with these items, it becomes as simple as popping the paper into the ground ready for it to grow into plants.

“Tear up your paper, soak it in water and plant it under 1cm soil. Keep the soil moist and place the pot in a sunny spot. Ideal to plant outside in Spring or Autumn.”

Waste worldwide is the most important problem we need to tackle globally and I think this new seed planting paper is an amazing way to reduce waste! As the life of the product ends, a new life of a flower begins! Wildflowers are so important for our circle of life.

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